Arcana Evolved source book 1 by vengince

Arcana Evolved source book 1

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 08, 2004
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Cover art for Malhavoc Press

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thedeadlymoose's picture

amazing. I only with there were some zooms of this! particularly of the character with the curved sword...

vengince's picture

Hi Michel, and those are very kind words and I'm very thank ful ..thanks!

michelkoch's picture

Hello J.P, I will simply let you a message for this image, but it can apply to all your other works ...
I just want to say that you are a really inspiring artist, your paintings are always stunning and full of details.

vengince's picture

Thanks M, glad you liked it.

vengince's picture

Hi Uwe, once again I thank you for your comments and questions. To answer your question the digital peice took about a few days 3 to 2 at the most. The painting "Changer of Days" about a week and 1/2 on and off. It all depends on my mood and how fast I want to work.

vengince's picture

Thanks Scott, I love nature, I love forest and jungle scenes so hopefully it shows.

vengince's picture

thanks Marley, yhea the colors are made up, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, hopefully this time it worked.

hechtal's picture

Fantastic image! I love the color scheme and the rendering of the figures!

j-art's picture

Hi J.P. think I don’t have to say something about the quality of this image – it is masterworks!!! Mood, composition, colour all fab!! But what I wanted to ask you since a long time is --- how long did it take you to create, lets say, such a digital piece like this one above – and how long did it take you to create an oil painting like, lets say, Changer of Days? – I really would love to know this, cause if it comes to oils it takes me mostly several weeks (ok, I can only paint at evenings after my day job) so if I could paint the whole day, maybe I could make a piece in oil, or other traditional medium, in two weeks – a digital one in maybe one week (for both I speak about more complex images) – and you know my pieces can’t compare to yours in any way – so I am really nosy how long you work on a piece like “Changer of days” for example – it would really help me a lot to know this, just that I know if I have to work on my painting speed, or if it is just the nature of things that when it comes to detailed work, like yours, one need such a long time to work on a piece??
Just nosy – maybe you have an answer for me Wink
However – you are fabulous!!!! – Keep up your marvels for us all to enjoy!!

sdavis123061's picture

Another great piece J.P. I agree with Marley about the color, very natural indeed. Fantastic stuff!

thrax-1's picture

Do you formulate what colours to use from your mind. the colours in this are very natural!. Great work again!.

Art at its best.