Lycus the Satyr by heatherwind

Lycus the Satyr

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 21, 2001
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This is one of the first commission pieces I completed since adding a Wacom tablet to my design arsenal. I dearly love illustrating fantasy races, and Lycus (commissioned by Jeremy Price) is certainly no exception. The spirit of this piece took on a life of its own, and I could almost hear the gentle song of the pipes on the wind as I finished. An original pencil sketch, digitally colored.

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Thank you Philippe - that was very kind of you to say! Satyrs in general are such a fun concept to illustrate, and this picture is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Smile

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You made a wonderful job on this one, friend! This satyr is of the best I've ever seen. Your style looks fluid but is so difficult when you try it! Well...I was just here to say: Great job.

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Thanks for visiting, and for the heads-up about the sig file. I've noticed it shows up odd now and then in the posts, though the URL is correct: Thanks again! Smile

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I hadn't been by your gallery in a while, so here I am...and I do love a good saytyr! Additionally, check your signature at the forum; you've got your addy typed in wrong. Had a bit of a time, I did, making it to HeatherWind! See ya round....

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This is my favorite. You have a great style!

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This work is absolutely gorgeous. One of the most beautiful satyr pictures I have ever seen! Wonderful job.

Art at its best.