Rapunzel Lets Her Hair Down by heatherwind

Rapunzel Lets Her Hair Down

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 13, 2002
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Artwork Description

A demented cautionary twist on an old faery tale:
"who says the damsel is really in distress?"

Colored using watercolor pencil touched up in Paint Shop Pro, and a whole lot of coffee late at night when I was already feeling goofy.

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taury's picture

ha ha =) Love it. Great expressions on the faces.

strangeling's picture

What an original take on the Rapunzel story! This is a great piece - very lively. I love anything having to do with Rapunzel and this really caught my attention. I love how you utilize traditional and digital media - very effective!

pseudomuffin's picture

I love this! Great expression on the guy's face.

heatherwind's picture

I can't take full credit for the idea Kay. Things like this are the direct result of being raised with a demented cartoonist, marrying a nortorious punster, and raising a Kindergartener who continually forces me to view the world in a skewed way. A sure recipe for chaos if ever there was one! LOL

Believe me, there are many more where this beastie came from too. Since this one was so well received, my hubby and I have already plotted out a series of pics that even now are in the works. May the gods have mercy on us all.... ;D

yaya-han's picture

Oh my God that is hilarious!!! What an awesome idea, I am so amused! ^o^ And still you show such amazing artistic skill, even for such a goofy picture!

Guest's picture

Oh Amy this is so GREAT! What a mind you have! More late night coffee for you my Lady.
LOL..I just love this...can't wait to show my kids.

vera-lucia's picture

The witch is wonderful! So scary! Poor prince!

heatherwind's picture

WOW thank you all so much! I was surprised to have this much feedback so quickly! LOL
I'm so happy to know you all like the piece - I had a tremendous amount of fun with it. As for the "witch", my original concept was that she's actually the real Rapunzel, a vampire who uses that innocent-looking proxy to lure food to her tower. The vampire's teeth don't stand out as well on this lower res version, but however the viewer chooses to interpret it is perfectly fine, especially as long as they find it as entertaining as I did.
Thanks again! Smile

Guest's picture

Outstanding...great technique and humor! All three characters are so expressive...even the wooden Rapunzel. The witch is fabulous!

Guest's picture

I utterly and completely love this!!!!!! It's really funny...I laughed so hard...

maura's picture

OMG that's an exellent concept! I love your figures, they're always so fluid.

shiroi's picture

Lol, I never even thought of this outcome. Nice work.

Art at its best.