Java Goddess by heatherwind

Java Goddess

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 31, 2002
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Artwork Description

Inspired by a REALLY good cup of coffee, this is my tribute to the Goddess of Coffee, whose blessed, bittersweet embrace jumpstarts her tired children when they need it most.

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Love this one. bb jc

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Made me smile on a bad day.I really love this, it's just as amazing as all your other work. I looked through your whole gallery! <333 it!
I also have the nickname 'Coffeehigh' for a reason. Wink

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I love this! Will you be offering prints?

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This made me smile. I love the idea and the picture is amazing. I like the way you have stylised the goddess. Lovely work!

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Thank you Jade! She remains one of my all-time favorites too. I've got a few others in the works to complement her, so be sure to check back! Smile

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Another favorite of mine, Amy! I can smell the coffee just by looking at her! Love the colors and the style you used. Keep the work coming!

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Hahahaha! This is great! Wonderful design and colours! As a fellow coffee fan, have you seen my interpretation? Keep up the good work! Smile

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If you mean in the respect that the painting was intended to inspire folks to drink coffee, then thank you for the complement!

For what it's worth, the coffee that inspired her was Lowery's fantastic Creme Brulee, which you can order direct from this wonderful little Washington state family-owned coffee mill:

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I like it very much but it really reminds me of a starbuck's logo though..

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I think I could use her help right now:) *off to get some tea*

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Just a wander and I gotta say this pic should be on a can of coffee.... not that I drink Coffee.. how about hot chocolate... ^.^ this just seems like it should so be an ad I luv it!

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Oh wow!!!! This piece is just hmm...looking for words...words....Spiffariffic! I love the fluidity of her body, mmm coffee:)

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Congratulatoins, Amy. I think you really captured the essence of coffe. The goddess seeems to be made of coffe beans.

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LOL What a lovely thing to say! Thank you! Laughing out loud

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I have it on good authority that the Blessed Lady of Caffeine does indeed bless chai too. Especially really good mocha or vanilla chai...yum! Laughing out loud

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Thank you Szabolcs! I'm very glad to know the image matched the atmosphere created by the title - that's a challenge with each new painting.

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I found her in the rising steam of an early morning cuppa that my beloved husband made for me when I was having trouble waking up. The coffee tasted so wonderful that it actually inspired me to create - I was truly "touched by the java goddess" at that moment. LOL

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although I dont drink coffee, this makes me want to Wink

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It was enough to read the title, and I knew what it was all about... great work! I like the rays in the background very much.

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Does she bless chai tea, too? I'm not much of a java drinker, but I can't live without chai tee.

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She's Fabulous!!!
I'm forever looking for her in my many daily cups...glad to see you've found her and done her such justice. This is just wonderful! Wink

Art at its best.