Syth Har'akir by heatherwind

Syth Har'akir

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 15, 2003
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Wandering the wild woods in search of adventure, Syth Har'akir, the Moon Elf archer, pauses to assess the fellow traveler who has crossed her path.

Commissioned by Jeffrey Moody for his personal RPG, this lovely lady has become one of my new favorites!

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This is a wonderful peice. I have never seen this one before, and I am a BIG fan of your art. Thus, I have not had the opportunity to create a story about her, but rest assued that I will. I love th epurple tunic and the detail on the arm band, if that is what you would call them. THe bow is absolutely gorgeous. If I ever have the priveledge of having any of my writings published, I hope you would do me the honor of illustrating them for me.

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The bow is just gorgeous

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This picture left me speechless. It somehow fetches the beauty and etherial of a true elf.
The balance and this picture really strikes me. *applauds*

The evil critic writer however still wants to mention that may be the trees in the foreground and the shadow right in front of her feet could've been stronger for consistency.

Otherwise, the lighting, the colours, I adore this piece! That's how elves are supposed to be when a mortal's eye sees them!

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the intention was a contrasting color in an appropriate shade, which lost a bit in the translation to a compressed JPG. So in the interest of maintaining a properly pretentious "I meant to do that" persona, I'll simply say "it's a combination of indirect light, sweat and road dust. Yeah..that's it!" ;D

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That's one of the most beautiful bow designs I've ever seen. I also love how you colored her leggings, makin' the black all dynamic and stuff. The only thing that bugs me is the shadows under her arms. The tannish color really doesn't match up with the bright purple.

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A Moon Elf, great! She knows light, she could be a lios alfar (how I see them) so white and luminescent

Art at its best.