Sillara, Princess of the Tamari by heatherwind

Sillara, Princess of the Tamari

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Added: May 05, 2003
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Commissioned by author K. Alease White from her novel Jewel of the Tamar.

Sillara is the reluctant warrior princess of the warlike nation of Tamar - a wild, free-spirited Elven maid, bound to uphold the honor of her family name and the legacy of her ancestor Ellon Dragonslayer. She pensively waits beneath the light of the twin moons of Gilalion in a garden full of night-blooming Orhlanna for the arrival of her beloved, holding a red rose to symbolize the heraldic union of their houses.

Original pencil portrait, colored with watercolor pencil and digitally enhanced

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heatherwind's picture

Thank you for saying so! The biggest challenge I had with this piece was from the multiple light sources - the distant interior light from the castle, and the cast light of two differently-colored moons (as per the author's request). I was very happy with the way it all turned out, so much so that it made me want to experiment more with multiple light sources from there

lisahunt's picture

lovely design--I just love the backgrond elements. It frames the princess' face nicely.

Guest's picture

OMG I must be really behind on browsing your work, beccause I have never seen this pic before. I love her hair and the jewel adorning her head. I am going to have to read that book now, as well as come up with my own story for this character.

heatherwind's picture

This was created as a print for the author (and the high-resolution prints are currently available for sale from my studio website) but when the image was reduced in size and resolution for web display, it did end up with that odd pixel line on the right arm, and that's the only place and time it manifests. But thank you for your feedback nonetheless! Smile

darksarcasm8's picture

Everything is marvelous... but the jewel, the rose, and her hands are absolutely perfect! The only thing that bothers me is the pixelization of her right arm... other wise I love it! Great work!

portalrun's picture

Very beautiful work Amy,both the character and backround...

pagan's picture

i like your colorstyle, aspecially the work on the hands, the rose is also beautifully drawn

heatherwind's picture

Thank you very much! I don't usually illustrate such detailed flowers and scenery as this. But considering how significant the rose is to the concept, I invested extra time in trying to make sure I had that element as correct as I could. It was quite a challenge for me, and I'm thrilled that the effort is appreciated. Thanks again!

heatherwind's picture

Well it just doesn't get much better than that! LOL Yes, that was exactly my thought at the time I illustrated this, thanks largely to the wonderful concept you'd given me to work with. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and add your blessing! Smile

Guest's picture

Beautiful soft work. I love the detail in the rose, her soft hair, and especially her bracelet. Very nice!!

baybeestar's picture

Beautiful Wink

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Mrs. Brown has done a masterful job of capturing the spirit of Sillara in this painting. The gate detail, in particular, recalls the inescapable fate that chases Sillara, making her a golden hawk in an iron cage.
K. Alease White

heatherwind's picture

Thank you! I tried very hard to stay as close as possible to the author's original vision. Mrs. White was a joy to work with and the love she has for the characters she's created was evident and infectious. I'm very happy (and relieved! LOL) to know that I've done her and the character justice, and thank you again for your feedback! Smile

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Thank you, Amy. The conceptualization of Sillara is perfect. I am a fan of your work, and I think that this one is one of your best ever! This scene is from the middle of the novel, and you have expertly captured the weight of her past. Even in this moment of joy, she bears the burden of her identity as the Jewel of Tamar.

Art at its best.