The Importance of Body Language by heatherwind

The Importance of Body Language

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Added: Jul 18, 2004
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My infamous late-night silly streak struck again, this time during a figure study experiment.

I was always disappointed by the ending of Hans Christian Andersen's original "Little Mermaid". It struck me that if the Sea King's daughter had been so assertive in her desire to marry a human (and thereby earning an immortal soul for herself) to the point of sacrificing her voice to gain legs and live as a human, that she seemed terribly passive when the time came to actually win the heart of the man she loved. I felt that if the princess had only followed the Sea Witch's sage advice in the first place and *ahem* utilized her assets, she could have saved herself a lot of grief and we might have had a happy ending to an otherwise wonderful story.

Of course, if the prince proved too thick to take the hint, it never hurts to bring a friend along to help get the point across...and the moral of the story is: sometimes you have to make your *own* "happily ever after"!

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Guest's picture

this mermaid is very beautiful!!!
=] =] =]

heatherwind's picture

Thank you! Sometimes it's a fine line between provocative sexiness and blatant raunch - nice to know I was able to successfully balance it! LOL

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wow thats sexy attitude Laughing out loud

heatherwind's picture

and thank you for taking the time to comment - feedback is always appreciated. Smile

j-art's picture

what a wonderful pose and character - love the colors on this work - a piece which make me dream - thanks for sharing your art!!!!!

heatherwind's picture

That's very sweet of you to say - thank you! Smile

heatherwind's picture

You know, I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it, but she *does* look a bit like her! Smile

gyrfalcontg's picture

This is wonderful Amy! So good to see something new from you. Wonderful skin tones! I'm going to be doing a portrait where the character has completely white skin... I'm taking notes! Wink

rita's picture

I agree with the story.
You painted her marvelous! Her face reminds me a littel to Sophia Loren Wink

heatherwind's picture

Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun with her dress. I was trying to imagine what a mermaid with little actual knowledge of the human world would come up with as appropriate attire, while still making the most of her entrance. Form *and* function! Laughing out loud

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The way you chose to dress her is very creative - I really like the unique sea shells you picked. I also think the color of her skin is very appropriate for a mermaid.

sofia's picture

gloriouse! and I love the 'lil helper"

Art at its best.