The Forest Bride by socar

The Forest Bride

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 05, 2005
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You can't take her out of the forest.

Pen and ink, somewhere around 9" x 13". The scanner ate much of the detail I put into it, unfortunately. These things never look nearly as good onscreen. Here's a small detail image:

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donnaquinn's picture

I absolutely love the wisps of foliage that creep out the sides of the image- they are truly lovely. The detail is gorgeous and looks great juxtaposed against the lighter rendering of the tree canopy.

digger's picture

I love this.

kyrn's picture

Wow. I'm amazed at the detail on the roots. I wish I could ink like this too.

mermalior's picture

Hi Socar!

It is wonderful!

thrax-1's picture

wow!. Some of your previous pieces contained an element of sadness to them, but this one does not (imho that is). Such details, is amazing work and fantabulous composition. (if i can find anything else to comment i feel like a broken record).

Anyways socar congrats on the editors pick Tongue.

wolfvayne's picture

This is so emotionally spquishy for you Socar! It's her face; it's suspiciously whimsy. The most stunning part of this 'un is the roots of the tree (or is that woman?...). You're touching upon a style of rendering there, that, well, is mindblowingly lifelike.

sferris's picture

It's adorable Socar.
From what I can make out the details such as the grass about her feet are superb.

squeaky's picture

I stared at this and looked into it some more, and am now thoroughly creeped out. She's just standing there, expectantly, forever because she can't move. With that look on her face as if she is so yearning for love and excitement but you know she's going to be let down because she won't be able to go with her love. Yes I'm reading into this too much but it's tragic to think about.

squeaky's picture

"These things never look nearly as good onscreen." It drives me crazy! I'll spend all this time drawing all the little details on something and then I scan it, look at it, and then continue adding details until it looks refined, when it looks just fine in the original.

Lovely drawing! I wish I could ink like this.

rita's picture

Socar, this is so charming and beautiful! Love it

Art at its best.