The Tree of Knowledge by socar

The Tree of Knowledge

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 01, 2005
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This was commissioned as a preliminary sketch for a tattoo design. Originally, the guy wanted me to design his tattoo outright, but I told him I don't know enough about tattooing to be sure of my ability to draw something practical, and he agreed to just get the idea off me, and have an actual tattoo artist adapt it for his purposes. The concept was "a tree which is normal at the top, but turning into technological stuff at the bottom". The tattoo is going up the guy's spine, so it also had to be of suitable proportions and composition to fit there.

Anyhow. The original drawing is about 18" long, so a bunch 'o' detail is totally missing. I'm including a link to a larger version, so that anyone who wants a good look can get one.

Also, the title shouldn't be taken to imply anything religious. I'm not Christian. This is a DIFFERENT tree of knowledge, and it's OK to eat fruit off it.

Detail A: Click!
(This detail is RIGHT on the scanline, unfortunately. Distortion & blurring isn't part of the original. Sorry!)

Detail B: Click!

Big ol' version: Detail A: Click!

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This piece is awesome. I myself am looking for ideas for a tattoo of the "Tree Of Knowledge" and your work is nothing short of inspiring. You have an extraordinary talent. James > Australia

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tree of knowlege is absolutely incredible.

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Your work is fantastic! I just discovered you through the World of Froud, and I love it. Plus, I totally get the rat thing! Toodles!

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It's amazing how your recent traditional media works retain (and even amplify) all the awesomeness and the dream-like feelings of your digital ones. Allow me to say that you were, are and will always be my fave artist ever Smile

Art at its best.