Dark Priest by mcf

Dark Priest

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 28, 2002
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"Have a drink, and join us..."

original size was 4500x5000 - this is slightly cropped and greatly resized version.

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Guest's picture

I'm a dark priest and i would like to say that this in no-reconized
site though it should be reconized
because we are far MORE IMPORTANT .

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I think i would like to become a
dark priest myself because you can
actually cost pain to others and
actually have fun.

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this picture is scary as HELL. just plain SPOOKY. but it is also compellingly beautiful, and quite deserving of editors pick. well done.

chutap's picture

thats one hell of a moody/scary/gothic/dark picture.this totally deserves to be an editor's pick!
anyway its kind of sad that my screen is really dark and most of your work you use dark colour palettes so i can't really see a lot, and most of them are black..like this picture the thing that i can see most clearly is his white coat.. a little bit of his face..adn the woman's face..
everything else is very dark..and on the left side is almost black to me Sad
maybe i really need to see this on other computers gehehe

Guest's picture

beautiful...*shudders a little* you know, I had a nightmare like that once.

twstdrealty8's picture

wow....the mood was very well executed! Also, ur wrinkles and vains are awesome!

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I just wanted to say that this picture is just so freaking great. I love the the darkness of it, the details, the just horridness of the picture. It is so wonderful. I think I am going to have nightmares.

Guest's picture

Ooh, MadScientist-y. Laughing out loud That's always the best.
My favorite Frankenstein-American has to be the gal right behind the priest. There's something very inviting about her expression...(shiver)

swisnie's picture

A very strong painting.

chrissyk's picture

I Love this picture, although its scary!
I love the way the main guy looks right through you, he is almost attractive in a way!

mcf's picture

hehe, thanks, I'm glad you like it Smile
now, please, have a sip Wink

mcf's picture

LOL.. yes, Sam. I was a bit surprised as well, when this guy suddenly looked a bit like me! I honestly didn't plan it Smile
And thanks for your help and comments!

samael's picture

Rock rock Rock man! I already told you, I LOVE THIS ONE, makes me want to listen "Slayer - Hell Awaits", o_O, anyway, its that just me or the guy in the background reminds me a bit of your "yourself as jedi" pic? Wink

santi's picture

Hey, congrats Rafal! Great pic indeed, the woman sight, in particular, made me shiver, really. Nice touch the inverted colours of the soutane. And the explanation below is not necessary at all, before reading it I was thinking "Ask some other to drink from that, me not thanks" Wink Great work!

maura's picture

I love the main figure, very cool. You've got a lot of skill, great picture.

lockett's picture

Excellent work Rafal, the 'priest' is particulaly menacing. Great feeling of depth and 'solidity' (made up word!). I like the detailing on the goblet too. Deserves the EP, well done mate!

rhiamon's picture

Very dark and spooky! I like it! The priest figure is very compelling, and the whole composition is wonderful. Very deserving of the "Editor's Pick"!

mcf's picture

..and thanks to Cos for making my day! My first "Editor's Pick".. Smile

baylessiii's picture

Hey, great picture! I mean really strong energy here! That's a spooky bunch, but you kind of want to know what would happen if you took a sip...just a little one. I like it a lot, Rafal!

Guest's picture

Fantastic Rafal! One get the feeling of being backed against a wall by these characters...they have such presence!

Art at its best.