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Added: Feb 28, 2001
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Zintara is the lead character in an illustrated novel that my brother and I are writting.

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michelb's picture

Thank you for appreciating it so much Uwe. Your do some great work yourself.I really liked your 'Vision of Beauty". You captured a mood that reminds me of some of the Symbolists of the late 1800's.

j-art's picture

holy cow - this is what i want to achieve one day - man i have to learn so much - good to see such masterpieces from tome to time, it makes me see how far i still have to go - wow - thanks so much for sharing your art!!!!!!!

fogge's picture

Awesome character and atmosphere.. I love it!

michelb's picture

Thanks for your kind words about my art. I checked out your stuff as well. Great imagination and attention to detail.

As for how I work:
I don't have a set size except for the general rule of painting the smallest important detail at a comfortable size. When I painted only in traditional media that would mean a face like the one in Zintara would be painted at about 4-5 centimeters. With digital painting I can blow up the view on my screen and save my eyesight. As for time, like most illustrators I'll take all the time that I get. That means if I have a week, then I have to figure out how to do it in that time. If I have a lot of time I will spend more on the details and have the advantage of putting it away for a while and coming back to it with fresh eyes.
And of course the more you paint the easier some parts become.
Hope that helps.

caitmf1's picture

all ur work has such a wow factor; id love to know what size u work at ; and also what kind of time it takes u to finish a masterpeice;

michelb's picture

I'm afraid I can't take credit for super smooth blending in acrylics May-Lin. It used to be that I would lay down broad areas of color with a brush or airbrush and also paint textures by spattering, sponging, and dry brushing. If I then needed smoother blending for skin tones let's say, then I would paint in oils over the acrylic. Nowadays I may use all of the previous methods as well as scanning in the art and working more with Photoshop and Painter.

djinn's picture

Lovely. I'm in awe of how you make your acrylics so smooth and detailed.

saffiresword's picture

When I first discovered Epilogue, I saw this painting and loved it.
I still love it wery much.
One of those pictures that remains special throu time.
Great work! And an inspiration, to us not so good to get better!

sferris's picture

Great piece! I never noticed your work in here before. Great job overall!

stevec's picture

This is amazing. How do you get the softer blends with acrylics?

Guest's picture

Really makes me want to know more about this lady. She looks like she's got quite a story behind her.

michelb's picture

All the Zintara pieces are done in parts between jobs, so it's sometimes hard to get an exact figure, but my best guess on this one was about 80hrs. "The Attack" (see my website) took over 200hrs. Some simpler compositions take 10-15hrs and I guess my average time is 30-50hrs of actual paiting time not counting talking, e-mailing, billing etc... the Art director. Best regards

sdeanbloom's picture

absolutely awesome. The detail is unbelievable! How long did this take you to finish?

williamli's picture

this is exquisite, dramatic and very engaging to see... beautiful Smile

Guest's picture

I saw this at your homepage too. The detail is incredible!

Guest's picture

absolutely beautiful

Art at its best.