Drooling Dragon by mccracken

Drooling Dragon

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Added: Jun 13, 2001
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I was going to call this 'Dragon Attack' - but the present title seems more fitting.

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Hey nice atmospheric look here - the boiling clouds are awesome, the angle of the light and the perspective gives the impression of great height! Well done!

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I especially like the comination of purple and orange in this piece. I would guess there's a really huge fire just off frame there to highlight everything so vibrantly.... Yeah, Drooling Dragon. I'd go along with that! Wink

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mmmmm. yummy! purple venom! I dig your technique and attention to the background detail. impressive

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Awesome... with all those dragons it creates a very special and mystical effect... Love it! The clouds and perspective is awesome

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wau, there is not much to say that has not said already, wonderful style.

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I really like the way it seems your eye is lead from the top of the picture downward, that sense of depth you've achieved here is excellent. I also love the colors with the gold and blue and all the swirling clouds/smoke.

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because now I'm drooling over your artwork! The towers are incredible and your use of light and color are beautious! Someday, Ken, I'll be able to paint this good and well... the inspiration that I receive from your work will be fuel for my journey.

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this is definitely a picture to drool over... Tongue
the only possible flaw I can think of is that, in my opinion, the bits of bright blue hopeful sky clash with the destruction and fiery carnage below... just a thought...
great work, keep it up... Smile

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excellent picture Ken, I really like the dragon especially the armour and detailing.

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o-o-o-ooh wow That tower is marvelous!! AWESOME!!! I generally love the lower part of the image!

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Wowowowww !! The light on the tower is splendid !! excellent work ! *bows*

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I was going to do slobbering dog drool, but I figured a fire-breathing dragon probably drools some really high-octane kind of napalm. So, why not purple?

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Ken, I don't know where to begin.. I guess I'll just say I'm amazed. really. and I'll mention 2 things - the light and the bricks.

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someone's been eating Barney the Dinosaur lately. I approve, wholeheartedly. fantastic brick / dragon / smoke / diet.

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This is so cool, Ken. I love the lighting...towers...depth...nice touch the small dragon below flying between the towers.Details like uneven mortor in the tower..swirling clouds...this has it all for fantasy realizm..not to mention um...purple drool. Smile

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Yes! He is certainly the drooliest.

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It's not just ANY drool....
This turned out really nice! I still love the tower in the foreground. It only got better.

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Great piece. I especially like the tower and the clouds!

Art at its best.