The Darkening Blade by mccracken

The Darkening Blade

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 16, 2001
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A perfect ambush. But her attackers didn't notice the special quality of her blade . . .

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I love this work of art and all the colors you used! Its very uniqe and she looks tough. Also I like the design you made on the sword and the cracks on the wall. Great job! A+++++++

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the amour is awsome, and she must be a really strong and really good fighter to be a fighter that wears armour that does nothing to protect her head or neck and stop her from being hacked to little pieces....there was this other picture i saw and everyone was saying 'finaly, a female wearing decent armour' but, it wasn't decent armour, it was wayay too thin and no neck protectors or helmet....why am i going on like this? right, whores are sex symbols, not warriors, unless she is of cource a warrior whore, but then, why are they killing her? are those guys attacking her gay?

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You are extremely good Ken. I should have guessed that you had i gallery here to. I'm new here and haven’t checked all out yet. Another thing the attackers have missed is here beauty and sexyness. If they had, they'd probably would try to ask her out for a date instead. I know I would =).

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Nothing looks "off" in this. I think your style is really starting to crystalize! Great pic! I'm jealous!

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Kewl picture. Love the shadow effects, and what appears to be heat waves emmanating from the sword. The only problem I have with your work is that the model looks like a plastic doll - you need to add some life into her. You added realism to the wall and shadows, but the main model is missing something.

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Skillfull storytelling Ken, simply brilliant, the shades, the expression on the womans face, her ready-to-attack possition, all come togheter perfectly for one memorable pic!

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beautifull shadowing, i love the sword and the colour of the armour!, but i dont like the nose Smile

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I love the shadow of her foe on the wall. It is adds marvelous suspense to an already magnetic painting. Her armor is excellent and her pose is tres bien. Laughing out loud Sheesh Ken, by the time I'm done commenting in your gallery, your head won't fit through the door! *grin*

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But actually i dont get why all artists always do halfnaked, nonarmored women with weapons Smile but anyway praty good Smile

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Here here! I like strong, smart, beautiful women - though not necessarily in that order

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For some reason, I love the warrior woman type. Society always tries to make women seem like a weaker gender, and I refuse to buy into a crappy idea like that. This picture reinforces my belief that females are powerful.

I'm male, by the way.

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Ken Your skin tones have improved greatly this image is cool the digitla looks more like traditional paint fantastic.

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wonderul image with surprising effects

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I like the play of color and shadows in this painting!

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excellent idea with the shadows and the texture on the wall is awesome !

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hihihi ... I like this blade ...

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me to yifat! the armor looks great! great work Ken!!!

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I love that armor... cool picture ken...

Art at its best.