Lizard Man Assault by mccracken

Lizard Man Assault

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 22, 2001
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A lizard man trooper and his girlfriend(?)

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You could have just given them X futuristic weapon, but instead you gave them railguns. I like the attention to detail.

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you should put her in more clothes...

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"oh god,do you know what acid is?" sit in the corner wounded and watching this tag team open the next door whatever behind there is...great stuff,i like the colors and your very skilled use of the digital media.

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Hey, dude...long time since I've stopped by your gallery! I've got to say the perspective on this is STUNNING! I think it's your best yet!

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Congratulations! I have really seen you grow as an artist since I last visited your gallery at Elfwood. This picture has been rendered at a world class level in my opinion. No one can deny your talent. I just love it when that happens! Keep rockin the boat Ken!!!

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Awesome colors and lighting. They give this image a great atmosphere.

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That's awesome ! Smile You're creating such vivid images Tongue It reminds me when I was younger and was reading old Perry Rhodan novels Smile (I still do... ok, I have flaws, this and cowboy shirts and oh yeah I love cheese/cucumber sandw.. but that's not the point).. The point is, it's splendid ! I 'm fascinated by the shadows on the girl's face and byy the metallic chine that's going to become a trademark of yours Smile Maaaan, you HAVE to publish something, one way or the other !!

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This one should really get published, I think it`s your very best so far! My personal favorite is still 'A Private Place', but this here has even more depth and cinematic quality, would make a killer cover for cool games in the style of Syndicate, System Shock, Bioforge, Deus Ex etc!!

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Judging frome the colors, the perspective and the overall composition is this (IMHO) one of your very best pieces so far (if not the best). I'm really taken by the drama here. This will make a gorgious protfolio piece.

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This is pretty cool Ken. Good charcter, design etc. Very nice!

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thtas just what cyber punk is all about ken, awesome perspective and lightning, dam im gonna have to go back to cyberpunk stuff soon. cool.

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Holy snikes. *giggle* The Lizard Man is so cool and creepy at the same time and your female subject is beautiful but lookin' good and tough. You just astound me, Ken. I think I've gone and become a Ken McCracken fan! Laughing out loud

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I love the lighting in this one Ken. I think this might be my favorite of yours.

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I agree this is an excellent painting Ken, great character design and as usual the colour is sharp and bright.I like the deatailing on him, is that armour?

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oh amazing work... your best yet...

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Let me be the first to say that this is great. I like the design of the Lizardman and the way the woman's skin draws you to the center of the painting. One question...what is that stuff below the woman's elbow? I can't quite make it out....

Art at its best.