Dark Fae by mccracken

Dark Fae

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 05, 2003
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Well, she was supposed to be evil, but at worst she looks mischievous. Oh well, I still imagine that she has horrible black arcane powers and is about to turn you into a sponge or something.

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The left foot looks a bit wonky. I can't see the bend at her ankle; just the boot down her shin, and presumably at some point it turns into a foot.

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After meeting you in chat, I had to come and check out Dark Fae. What a wonderful, twisted background she emerges from... and I actually see her as "haughty and superior" more than mischevious. I wouldn't trust her, that's for sure. Gorgeous!

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You said evil people couldnt be mischevious? Any how, it is a great piece of work and deserves to be hanging on a wall somewhere

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Hey, where's the chrome? Wink (Just kidding!) This really is a departure from your usual style, but recognizably you, still. The background is wonderfully moody and looks almost like you did it with pastels. That gossamer shawl is terrific. I like, I like!

christar's picture

Wow, this seems cleaner, more perfect than some of your other works, your patience is really paying off! Composition, lighting, form, all spectacular!

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Sometimes the most evil characters look more nonchalant than menacing. I prefer to think she's just become blase about the terrible evil she wreaks. ;D A very nice painting, great lighting, and I like the very formal composition.

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great colors and nice rendering. I like composition and that roots. They and the trees make the pic perfectly symmetric. Ken this pic is very cool!Smile

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Great work!

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Nice pic Ken! I like how you did the roots into steps. also great colors!

Art at its best.