Secret Song by mccracken

Secret Song

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Added: Apr 23, 2003
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My challenge to John Shannon!!!

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That sky is amazing ... I can really feel the environment on this picture. I disagree with the previous critic regarding the tilt of the characters head. Obviously something has caught the girl's attention which draws here view towards the front and away from the harp. The hood may well easily stay at that position depending on the material it is made from , the softness of her hair and a 1000 other variables. All looks fine to me ! Congratulations

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Reminds me of a Druidic/Celtic ritual.
Adaptation from Stonehenge,perhaps?

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Great, great, great:) I like the colors, the composition, and everything. The rocks are cool, they give space to the whole pic. the sky is awesome, I feel the chilly morning breath. This pic deserves everybody's attention (and my vote between you and John;-). Hehe. Grats. Great job!

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When I look at this picture, I agree...very nice, serene feel. Great job.

But when I look closer...I wonder, why is the girl looking at "me" and not the harp? It seems rather unnatural in my mind. Also, the girl's hood is turned as though her head would be down; however, again, she has her head turned in a strange way toward "us," toward the viewers.

I love the atmosphere, but I can't help but feel this character must be very uncomfortable to be sitting this way, and her playing is surely not going to be good if she's staring off.

Also, the "dragon knot" in the background is a little to hard in my opinion. You might want to soften the darkness to a dark grey, instead of a black color. I think it'd look better.

Hope I haven't offended you! I just like constructive criticism on my writing, and I draw as well, so I figured I should comment. Smile Nice job overall though. Keep it up!

Lelia Katherine Thomas

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Beautiful as all of your work!

I like the serenity and calmness in this picture.
Very soothing..

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Great job on the hands, Ken Smile The atmosphere has a lot of that misty, spiritual feel to it. Very nicely done Laughing out loud

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great composition...really nice placement and sizing of the rocks...

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Ken, I was following your contest thread. You did a great job. I especially like the misty atmosphere.

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Oh, Ken!! It's gorgeous! I love that sky, and the piece just has a very celtic-y, mysterious feel. Well done!!

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Great piece Ken! I love the lady with the harp. Beautiful! Now we wait for Mr. Shannon.....

Art at its best.