Betrayed by mccracken


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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 25, 2003
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"Alright then, which one of you skanks wants to die first?"

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hehe who farted!! Tongue lol

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LOL it looks like she has a kitty litter box on her chest as a form of chest protection, and the expression on her face.... looks like she smelled the most rank fart ever lol

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fun peice ken; like the expression alot; hard to pull of dynamic expressions and all but it works well here;uve dont tonnes of new work man

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Wonderful expressions, and good detail on her body, most of all. Her hair in particular looks like something you have trouble with on occasion. Looking good, all the same; keep it up!

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Heh, this is maybe the best, or at least most interesting, comment I have ever gotten. Thanks.

christar's picture

There is something almost "crystaline" in all your images, it's a certain rigid, chaotic pattern, maybe it's more mechanical like circuitry. Whatever this enigmatic design is that you embed into your work, it has an addictive quality, and is fascinating to look at.

somerset's picture

Ha! that's a marvellous face, Ken! I like the feel of this one, She is such an imposing figure!

mccracken's picture

um, heh, there aren't supposed to be any 'loose strokes' back there - the two figures are just supposed to be very dark with just a few folds of cloth. If I were to look at a lighter version of my own pic maybe there is stuff going on that I didn't know was there.

bcorbett67's picture

I'm not sure about the loose strokes over the tight work on the two background figures - is it intentional? It's still a cool picture, I'm just curious.

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Great face! I don't want to mess with her right now! Smile

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Great expressions Ken, really top notch, but is the contrast O.K? here, did you miss out a layer, or is it meant to have the sketchy finish?
I love everything else about this,but the 'unfinished' sections don't quite work.

Art at its best.