King of the Hill by dlightfoot

King of the Hill

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Added: Apr 11, 2001
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Dear Phantom (or is it, perhaps, Critic?)
What a delight to once again make your acquaintance! And after a sabbatical of so many years, nay, decades. It is nice to see that neither your powers of observation nor your rapier-like wit have dulled with the passage of time. Now if only I could remember the difference between Id and Ego, I might have a small chance at answering some of your extremely pithy questions. Alas, I must allow the artwork in question to stand on its own. You must look to find your own answers within its depths. Is that not one of the purposes of art? Or, perhaps, there is no meaning to it at all? And the deviations from reality (lack of blood and entrails and such) could they be chalked up to something so simple as artistic license? Mayhap they would have interfered with the overall design of the piece? Although I do sort of like the idea of a germophobic dark-ages hero with a Teflon coated sword. It has been many years since I drew this particular piece. I certainly cannot remember the thoughts that were in my head at the time except for the one from which this artwork was born. I simply wanted to capture the moment between the first wave of a battle and the second wave... a brief moment of respite for the weary Hero before he must, once more, face insurmountable odds. Do you think I caught it?

Once again I must say how delightful it is to hear from you again. Welcome back!

David Lightfoot

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Dear Mr. Lightfoot, I have been following your career with great interest for many years now, and continue to be fascinated with your layered and nuanced compositions, and intricate figure work and interactions. The work in question, while not a departure from your most prominent themes, murder , mayhem and chaos,does lack the usually overwhelming expression of your id that is the most prominent feature of most of your work. This piece appears to highlight your ego and superego to greater effect. Leaving behind the psychic underpinnings of your work, the depths of which would require a tome to plumb, I do have some specific comments and queries about this specific drawing. Regarding the adornments worn by the hero, the pendant appears to represent a 'smiley face'. Is this an ancient heraldic form, a peculiar reflection of the face of an oncoming warrior, or an example of your elfin sense of humour? On the hero's left wristguard, do the seven bulbous protuberances have some numerological or ritual significance, or is there some practical weapon-deflecting purpose? Why, in the face of such obvious carnage wreaked by said hero is there no blood, entrails or cerebral tissue dripping from the blade of the sword? Is the sword blade teflon coated, or perhaps wrought from molybdenum? I notice that to the hero's left, there is a small horn-helmeted figure with bad teeth who appears to be assisting the hero.Is this an illusion? Is the hero looking at the little guy with bemusement wondering who the hell he is? Lastly,who exactly isthe hero, an historical or mythical figure, perhaps a mytho-historico figure? Finn MacCumhaill, Cu Chullainn , or even, perhaps, YOU, Mr. Lightfoot? I look forward with pleasure to your reply! Scrios na mucce dubh ort! The Phantom Critic

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Great pen and ink

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i think its a god war seen very nice

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das ist kein Lächeln, das ist Verbissenheit, Trotz und .. Starrsinn.

Sorry, I didn't know how to write this in english Wink


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Reminds me of all the covers of the Conan books I used to read. He's got this jolly little smile on his mug! Wonderful attention to your lines and textures. *applause*

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The depth percieved in this piece is very well executed. However, i noticed on some of the larger darkened portions of the piece, that the marker application is done in many directions. for example under the arm of the warrior on the bottom right of the illustration. Despite that small problem, i think that the sense of weight is well accomplished in the piece. There is a sense of action in the mass, but, the main warrior a'top the hord seems a bit still. to me im not reading that he is really kicking ass. his facial expression is lacking seems a bit goofy to me. but besides that the piece has a definit appeal as far as depth and weight.

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Mind blowing composition here. Your balance of blacks and whites have achieved near perfect seperation of the figures without being distracting. You live and work on Long island as a graphic designer eh? Then you nust know the great one! John Buscema! He is my comic idol. What a privelege to live near the great one. Smashing piece of art.

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This is very well made.I like your other stuff too.

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Igino, for the past 15 - 20 years I have worked as a commercial artist, art director and creative director for small ad agencies on Long Island. I have always done some Illustration here and there when the opportunity presented itself but not often in the Fantasy and Sci-fi field. I recently quit working full time and began freelancing in order to allow myself the time to pursue Illustration.

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Are you working in different fields of illustration?

I noticed your personal 'photo', will you post this one here too? I'd love to see it in a bigger size.

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Thanks, Igino. No this is not all my B&W work. I just have to find stuff that is appropriate for this site and the time to scan it and get it up here. I will try to do that soon. Thanks again for the supportive comments.

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You are VERY good with color, but I just admire your b&w stuff. I'd love to see more like this here. Are these all your Pen and Ink works?

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Way to go Dave!

Art at its best.