Milla by yaz

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Added: Jul 05, 2001
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Milla was inspired by one of H.R. Giger's portraits of a woman.
I did the image a few years ago, as a personal project, in order to see what I could do with
Painter and Photoshop. Like most of my pieces, it doesn't fit into the traditional genre of "fantasy", with dungeons and dragons (hehe), but into something darker and more disturbing.

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Your work is quite incredible. Pictures of dragons and elves and all that stuff is all fun and good... to an extent. But this... is more of the art I would like to see! Please, keep this up! I could look at your work for hours and still be entertained... I think I just might! ^.^

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i read the words in the picture - is it manson or is it where Marilyn manson got the idea for the song from? just wondering. I love your style and i love the depth put in here - keep it up. email me if you like -

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*drops her jaw in awe...and remains speechless.*

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Fantastic work ...I have a personal penchant for "dark art" ... this is intriguingly so Wink

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Hmmm, lets see here. Painting on the computer has numerous advantages. For example, there are no paint tubes or brushes to buy or clean up. It is also faster, since there is no need for the paint to dry, and if you screw up--salvation is an "undo" command away.
To sum up, I paint in a tradional style because I was trained to do so, and the computer has been a great tool for me to work with. Plus it's so much fun! Yey.

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*is am soooo blown away by your work - i'm new here (a friend jsut snet me a link a few minutes ago and now i cant WAIT to get my hands on a wacom tablet! Wink just wanted to ask you: would you have used an image of milla jovovich for the base for this? its just there's an eery familiarity.... and you've called her milla.
the other thing i wanted to ask was: why do you do such traditional paintings on the computer? (like your pontius pialte one) i mean..... whats the point? (no offence, i LOVE your work no matter what you do it in Wink

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I have never seen something like this "Its crazy" and it has a powerful massage

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good work,i like this kind of stuff,but this is my favorite one ...°&°

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This is art, pure and simple, it speaks to something deep inside that we usually ignore. Beautiful work.

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Tasha: Thanks! I loved applying the rough textures...what ever happened to make up? Hehe, this is me rebelling against smooth illustrations!

Sam: As always, thanks for your support dude. I am glad that not EVERYONE out there wants me do dragons. It's time for a new flavour of fantasy, no?

Yifat: Thank you very much. I want to do more. I must have a few nightmares first, in order to get inspired...or maybe it's better that I don't have any.... Smile

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your photomanipulation are really incredible...

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I will never grow weary of telling you how much I love photomanipulations, screw Dungeons and Dragons, this pic kicks sorry elven arse!

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This is real art! I love the colours and textures, especially the rough sandy texture of face skin. Great composition too, I really like the picture!

Art at its best.