Symbolic...Life, Death, Good, Evil. by yaz

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Added: Jul 07, 2001
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A very symbolic piece representing life and death, good and evil. I leave it up to the viewer to figure out those elements. A mixture of photography, drawings and different textures.

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..I'm in love with it... I really am. I must say that you are very talented, and I really enjoy your work, Sir. Please, keep posting them, they are simply amazing. Thank you! <3

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AH Latitia Casta! That pic of her is in a lot of art nowdays. She is very beautiful oui?

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i can't read that writings on your piece. But over all this is awesome. Some of those things I would never have thought to put in a collage about death, love...etc, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

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Very rich and intriguing.

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Your work is really cool. The symbolism is perfect. A person could see the noose for death. The scissors for death also, like cutting the string of life. But I could just be reading too much into it. Of well. Great piece, man!!

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What a really masterfull collage!

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Can you figure out the symbols in this piece?

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Kay: Thank you very much. I appreciate your compliments.
Jim: Thank you, deep down, it is a very personal piece that means a lot to me.
Mark: Thanks Mark, but guess what? This is not a new direction in my work, but an older one! I am currently doing more and more digital paintings. But I love digital collage, as long as it is meaningful and not just images overlayed on top of each each other...

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Nice piece Yaz, I must say I like the new direction your work is going. Very courageous decision that is certainly paying off. Top quality.

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This has a haunted kinda mood to it!Very very nice!!

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Your collage work is some of the best I have ever seen. One could get lost in it. Wonderful style.

Art at its best.