Moonfae by enayla


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Added: Aug 05, 2002
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'tis nightfall... and all she knows is the beauty of the trees that surround her.

This is Nawheera... daughter of Eyzaathe. On the path towards corruption.

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This might be my favorite of all your pictures, other than, perhaps, Jozephine, who I am in love with. Smile

Anyways... Concerning the balance, since everyone else has something to say about it: It's NOT off-center when you take into account her hair on the left side and her wings on the right. If you really look, she's centered!

Now that that's taken care of... This is a beautiful piece. I just adore the colors, and the background is gorgeous. The first thing I noticed, oddly enough, were the spirits, faces, whatever you'd like to call them, in the trees. Very nice! I've got the feeling that if Eyzaathe doesn't know what her daughter is doing, it'd be very easy for her to find out, what with all the witnesses...

Stunning picture, I truly adore it.

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Balance? Balance? *squints* It looks fine to me. I'm in total love with the dryads you have there in background and the way the soft blues and greens gives off an almost watercolor-feel. Rock on, Linda! This is a great piece of work. *steals moonfae's clothes*

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I love all the new additions you put in! Ignore the flamers, your artwork only keeps getting better. I think out of your fae, my favorites were the fire fae, and Adhreec. I saw him back when you were on Elfwood Laughing out loud. Whatever happened to him by the way? He was so cute!


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Linda, I hate to see your work chopped up by people who couldn't apprectiate a good peice of artwork from their dogs ass. I've been admiring your art for.. years, even on elfwood Smile and you have really been an inspiration to me... actually your art is actually what got me thinking about going to college for illustration, which is what i'm going to be doing in about a year Smile And to the people who think this is too "photoshoppy".. art has so many mediums and digital is one of the fastest growing forms of creating beautiful works of art.. it's like saying one of Stephanie Law's paintings look too "watercoloury"... really.. but Linda I just wanted to thank you for helping to inspire me in my own art and maybe one day when i get myself a scanner that works and a wacom tablet I'll have my own gallery on epilogue that bitchy guests can chop up all they want Smile art is made to inspire and to admire.. don't get stuck on all the technical aspects of each peice... it'll just end up taking the magic out of what are really some of the most beautiful compostions I have ever seen Smile

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Linda, this is enchanting! Beautiful, beautiful colours and setting. And so many details! The nymphs in the trees are delightful, as well as the little phantom lights and butterflies. Her wings are beautiful and delicate, and I love the simple design of her clothing ... loose, flowing, and very elegant in a 'natural' kind of way. I even love the vague, hazy details of the forest behind the trees. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures, they are a delight to look at, and very inspirational. Smile

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Eyzaath is still my favorite of yours but this is close. You're very creative when it comes to the little add-ons. Wings are superb.
Hey chin up Linda, you know where the action is.

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oh the music im listening to really suits this. its a great picture, but then, yours always are. ive been trying to draw people recently, and youve made me feel bad now, lol. i love the swirly bits, and the kind of glowing trails and stuff, i wish i knew how you did them.

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This is actually very nicely done. Love those trees in the backgroud too.
I have to agree with the balance of the picture thing. But it is what the artist wanted and that's that. I also notice you have a lot of anonymous "stunned" guests. So your doing it right I guess.

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After reading a few of the comments on this pic..... I just HAD to respond myself! This is GORGEOUS! I wouldn't change a thing! If I could do this with ANY type of media I would DIE and go to HEAVEN! Congrats on creating such a beautiful image! Cheers!

lkcannon's picture IS centered. If you look at the edge of her wings in relaton to the outside of her body--it's centered. Not that it matters, people, sheesh. Anyway, this is definately up there in my all-time favorites. The only thing that bothers me (just noticed this) is her armpit--it looks to harsh where the "fold" is. Now I shall go back to my little corner at stare at this beauty on my desktop...

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the subject doesn't have to be centered. degas was one of the first artists to place his subject completely off center and THAT was considered revolutionary.


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simply beautiful. the sheer strands of hair whisking about makes it so delicate 'n delicious. and i'd trust your judgement on how things should be positioned or facing or what the heck ever ANY day. Smile rocka på!

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suggestions on how to change a picture?

ignore them... please... this is perfect

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Well I agree that even if it were not centered that she should be facing in. Facing off the page is just bad design. But she is rendered so nicely I agree with Adi, let it go.

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Why on the earth should the person be on the center huh!! This is Lindas art and she do what she wants to do. Chop off-sheesh! I don't agree. The girl is pretty and the landscape is awesome.

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I actually like this painting even more now than when I first saw it, and i loved it back then Smile. It has a very magical feel to it. In an interesting way, and I actually really like this, it feels as if it takes place on a set, like on a stage. I think that adds to the surreal mood of it all. I love the fact that it's off centered, symetry is boring and harsh to look at. I can't believe that somebody would actually suggest cutting off a piece of this beautiful, magical work.

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I guess you're right. Don't take off any of the right side. Add some more to the left. That way Jennifer Lopez won't be dancing off the page. Smile

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This is stunning. I love the three pictures you've submitted today, but this one is probably my favorite ^___^ She is so beautiful! She looks so elegant and serene...too bad she's on the path towards corruption ^_^ I'm guessing her mother doesn't know about this? ^_^; I agree with Patrick, why chop off the side and have her centered? That would be extremely boring! Waaah, those little glowing...flower things are a nice touch!

Ugh, sometimes when I'm working on a drawing, I think to myself, "Hey, that doesn't look too bad." but then when I look at work like just shows what a crappy artist I really am ;_; Your Photoshop paintings are truely magnificant!

But...I'm sad! Where are all the pretty boys you usually draw!? This is an atrocity! =P

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Oh, by all means, let's ask Linda to chop off the right of the picture - which will put the figure exactly in the middle for a boring and predictable composition. Great idea. --- Seriously, I think this picture is wonderful, and the Photoshop technique is glorious. Nothing wrong with it at all; very topnotch work!

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Beautiful work Linda...I love the movement you`ve managed to infused into this lovely Artwork!`s got the feel of a stephanie Law...

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I agree. Chop off the right side, about 2". Then it will balance better.

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Linda, I think your work is incredible. Dont listen to those who say it looks like a photo retouching, we all know how much talent you have. Keep em coming.

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?? Too Photoshoppy?? Good lord If I could do this in Photo Shop I would die a happy woman. Personally I would not change a thing .. the color light and composition are stunning .. As far as retouching .. well I can not speak for the artist I do not know her from Adam but I do know that she had a wonderful tutorial on one of her works at the Wacom site a while back .. it showed the creation of the image from start to finish .. all from scratch .. her "Dance of Winters" image .. and I certainly appreciated the tutorial, now if I had been able to grab a bit of her talent along with the tut I would have been even happier Wink..
Regardless I very much enjoy this artist's work and quite frankly could give a darn how she gets to the end of a project when this is the final result

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Sorry, but I agree. A little to far to the laft. If maybe you moved the moon to the right then it would help it to balance, but beautiful.

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Beautiful colors. A bit off to much to the left in design. Also a bit to "Photoshoppy". But end result is pretty.

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Awww, she's too beautiful to be on the path towards corruption! Smile I love this - especially the figures in the trees.

Art at its best.