Nelicquele by enayla


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Added: Nov 05, 2002
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_______The forest had tones of amber and moss, and the shadows were a dusky, whispery purple much like the colour of her eyes.Where the depth of those shadows dropped away into blackness, she could see it. It. The looming darkness of the abyss. A darkness that opened up and threatened to swallow her, at times - a darkness that would slither close to her feet and plant little kisses against the hem of her dress.A feeling she had grown accustomed to - living there, on the brink of falling into the endless dark. It was a feeling she had grown to love.
_______Picture very much inspired by quite a few of the old masters. I don't know why and how, but that was what I was thinking of when I worked on the image.

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Please correct me if I am mistaken Linda, but I LOVE the way that the color of her dress complements your writing. It looks like a drop from land into the very abyss you wrote about. Was this an intended effect, or simply a coincidence?

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I always look forward to your pieces.
They are always great, and some, such as "Nelicquele" are just awesome.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us...

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I disagree with what Victoria Hershiser said - I actually read her message just before I was going to post here on that very subject. I think that the more controlled toning of your images, and the increased amount of subtlety you have been displaying in your art are really wonderful. Whether it's a "phase" or a sign of a maturing/changing of your style, I love it, and hope it lasts Smile

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The dress is amazing and the image as a whole is breath-taking.

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your art makes my heart skip a beat, you are so very talented.

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i didn't mean to post that message! it sent before i was finnished typing it! my bad. i love the background, very cool. Smile

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I love most of your artwork, but I've noticed lately that your images have less contrast and appear greyed out. I don't know if this is intentional or a computer problem, but it just doesn't look as good as it used to. It's too bad, because otherwise this is a beautiful image.

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Your images are fantastic. I just love your art. It's amazing. It looks so real! Every day I look among the uploaded pics to see if you have any new pics. You are the best!

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Gorgeous image. I don't know where the light on her face is coming from (maybe its coming from her)- but I like it all the same. Her gown is incredible too.

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She's beautiful, and I like that you write about the picture,too. More art, PLEASE?

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She's beautiful, and I like that you write about the picture,too. More art, PLEASE.

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Very beautiful. The hair and the cloths, the little things that I love, are beautiful. The lips also are magnificent, really there is nothing wrong with his glorious picture.

Art at its best.