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Game of Cards

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 05, 2003
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Kind of working on a new concept. I'll give you more details later if I manage to do the second image in this series (that I'm planning - right now, too much work for it) Wish I had more time to spend on it, but work has me stretched really, really, really thin right now so this is it. No more time to spend on it
(Picture a little in celebration of my webpage working again. Now I just have to fix so I can update it again! Expect a BUNCH of new wallpapers there when I can.)Want closeups? Go clicky. I spent ages on those cards :]
4Oh, and yes, reference used as always. I'm just mentioning it now to give credit to Ulrika who is sweet enough to run over to my flat whenever I can't seem to get things to look right. Heeh, mwah on her!

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This is awesome, as expected from you. You never cease to amaze me. The cards rock my socks, man.

~A fan

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It looks like she's floating and...I honestly don't like it. The scale and proportion seem off as well
The feet look wrong too

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your pics have been postet on an german webiste, i have already informed thhe webmaster that you do not wish your pics to be used elsewhere, but maybe you should tell her again. here is the link:

wish you luck, and i love your gallery ! ^^ keep it up!

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Oh... my.... god!
I swear to god, I live for your work!
Not one peice do I have a SINGLE dislike to!
*short breaths*

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Snyggt... Verkligen Wink

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I can hardly look at the cards because I am totally riveted by her face and those marvelous eyes! Beautiful work - and she's floating!

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Wow, I love it! Who is that looking out of the window in the background?

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Gorgeous. It reminds me of a little of the Mad Hatter from the Angel Sanctuary manga. I adore her outfit and pose and also the cards themselves. I want to know what the ones on the ground look like. ^^


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I'm not really sure what to say, it just seems too good for me to say anything really, but the prespective of the cards and the images on them are totally inline and working. The guy is really cute, and his clothing looks really trendy and cool. This picture just exudes coolness. BTW Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the rings extended is out of theater so I have to go see it today!!

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great job on the textures and the cards too. The subtle blue glow--and those blue eyes!--really brings out the atmosphere.

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look at those rock textures Shock.did you paint those from your head linda?.incredible really,those cards are phenominal^^.jeez thats a lot of hard labour in this piece!.Great work Linda

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Beautiful. It gives me a headache just to think of the perspective work on those cards. Smile

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You're my new idol!! I love all of your work, I bought a t-shirt with a pic of your on makes me happy!!

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As always, gorgeous work, Linda. Beautiful piece.

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Reference? I don't understand what that means. Does that mean it is a photo manipulation or that you looked at another picture to draw it, maybe? Also, is this a boy or a girl? Thanks.

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW , AT LEAST IT WAS UPLOADED TO EPILOGUEEEE!!!!!*celebrates a party*. You must upload now that one I've seen on your deviantART gallery , that one called...''The hunt begins''. The first time I saw it was today at deviantART. I really love your work Linda , it is amazing!!!I would like to see more of your wonderful pictures here soon , like everybody!!Wink

Art at its best.