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Added: Apr 06, 2006
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Hi folks Smile

I know it's been forever and a day since I last updated my gallery. For this, you all have my sincere apologies. In the end, it becomes so difficult to update all the different galleries and frustrating for the viewers, no doubt, to see the same pictures in every gallery I visit. I really do want to come back to Epilogue though. I had intended to wait until my book was released, but I think I might as well do a few updates now – the book might take forever and a day for all I know Laughing out loud

At any rate, this is 'Golden' or 'Boy with a Golden Hair', a painting that I completed a long time ago for the fairytale book, and haven't published more than a few times before now (in Spectrum and as a poster on CGtalk). I don't want to go into the story behind it since that'll be in the book, but I'd like to say that this is one of those milestone pictures... a picture you'll paint at a stage in your life when all the rest of your work is nowhere near as good – and it will take a few years for you to be able to repeat what you did. I feel that I'm finally creating pictures that are on the same level as Golden here – this piece was a major breakthrough when I painted it one late summer.

If you're interested in some of my prints ( I keep getting emails about it ) , I now sell them through: and

And a poster book – with several prints – at


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reminds me of a john bauer drawing

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The colors you use here remind me of William Bouguereau, although a completely different style, these same colors are what draw me to his amazing work. Beautiful, thanks for sharing your art.

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How do you capture such beauty ?

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This piece is so pure

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you are just amazing! u truly are a very talented artist..keep up the amazing work! This picture especially is so radient and innocent...i love it...i kinda jelous...ur drawings and paintings are awesome! love all your pics!!!

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This work made me a fan. You are blessed with talent, and we are blessed by you.

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As I keystroke on these words, I am sitting in front of a 48" x 36" print of Maxfield Parrishs' lovely golden girl on the dusky mount at eventide, I'd like to thank you for somehow seeing and capturing your very own version of the same quintessence, that sense of self shining from warms my heart.

The spirit is while amazed anew, is at peace.

M. Thum

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Hey, I've seen this image before, but this is the first time I've noticed the little froggie below him! What a precious froggie Smile

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wow, this is one of the most realistic painting among your collections.

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I understand why it is one of your favourites, it really has a special glow and warmth in it that I really envy (you are truly marvelous at creating wonderful scenes that are a joy for the eye to look upon). Before I read the comments you had left I thought also about fairytales; specialy since I love Bauers works and this one reminds me of his fairytale Princes, it is the same feeling and yet not the same (it is unique in its own way and special style:). Wonderful picture as always! Kör hårt tjejen!

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Damn. It's very good, OK?

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OK, one more try - hopefully my comment won't get cut

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Of all yours, this is perhaps my favourite. It has a pal

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It´s a long time since you last submitted a picture in here (ok, I sometimes visited your homepage to see new pictures)´! I wished I could draw like that, it´s really amazing! Could you help me a little with drawing? (ok, it´s an impossible thought, I know you would never answer my comment). I hope, that one day one of my pictures is good enough for Epilogue but till then I´ll have to work to draw sometime that good that you draw.
It´s nearly unbelievable that this is not a recreated photograph!

Bye, Malin Errenst

j-art's picture

Really magical, one of my favs from you.

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Hey, great Parrish tribute! And, great to see you back...I know you are used to getting superlatives up the butt, but you still are doing such outstanding work. Man.

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This is a fabulous and beautiful piece, Linda, I realy don't have the words to do it justice...but I won't let that stop me showing my admiration.

rita's picture

This one has such an excellent light - it's unbelivable! I could sit here and stare for hours...

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This is just masterful. I don't think anyone else does digital art like you. The lighting on his skin is perfect and I don't often see anyone go that far towards realism. These new ones are very much reminding me of Donato's oils in a good way:)

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such subtle nuances in this piece, my head hurts Sad. gratz on the pick linda ^^.

christar's picture

Wow. To me its images like this that prove you are one of the greatest living artists on earth. I apologize if this sounds too flattering, but its what I truly believe. I hope you keep posting, and a big welcome back.

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The feeling of this piece stunned me when I saw it on Spectrum, and it still does.
...Not to mention the technical mastery, of course, that, in my opinion, must underlay a great piece but not dominate it, magic must come first.
You succeded on all accounts here.

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It's still one of the best I've seen of yours - The lighting is beautiful. I do think your skill has surpassed it now though... Smile

carles's picture

Well, I had to choose one of today's two pieces to write my admirative comment, so I chose the other one. But everything I said there could apply to this one too. I guess one of the outstanding things in this one is the way you dealt with the transparency of the flesh, like when you put your hand in front of candle in the dark. It is an amazing effect, full of magic here.

Art at its best.