Gone by enayla


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Added: Apr 06, 2006
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This was the 'final' image for my fairytale book. All I need to do now is finish the written material Smile I don't want to go into the story behind it, but I have to admit that it's one of the few paintings I've made that I'm actually still happy about. Do you ever get angry with your own work? Well, I do. I usually don't like my paintings a few days after I've finished them. I'm still happy with this one though Smile Rare exception to an annoying rule, hehe.

If you're interested in some of my prints ( I keep getting emails about it ) , I now sell them through:
http://store.cgsociety.org/product/000142/ and http://www.complexarts.com

And a poster book – with several prints – at

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He looks so cold yet I get the urge to reach out and touch him. I wonder what is in the bottle. This is absolutely amazing and brings tears to my eyes..

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It's stunning! My sister couldn't believe that it was a painting. She kept arguing that it was a photo-manip. It's that fantastic. The shadows, the hands, the skin tone, all of it's beautiful. =^-^=

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Have taken a second look!...yep...still gorgeous work Laughing out loud

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Breathless...the shimmer in his skin and the fading color made him look so real. A gentle sleep in woods, surreal and magical..Absolutely Amazing

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Wow, she's absolutely beautiful. She looks so real and so alive. I can't wait to see your book. Amazing. Wow.

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thankyou thankyou thankyou

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That bottle in his hand looks a lot like Jadore by Dior. My favorite!

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The second I saw this Picture I fell in love with him. Yes, I often fall in love with characters that are fictional but it's something about this one... I don't know but it's a very powerful picture.

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Wow....It's sooo life-like.You're work is amazing...You are truely a wonderful artist.I only wish I could be as good as you are.

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Damn you are so good, and so young, you sure will have a shiny future. I could say so much to this fine artwork above, but all my words couldn‘t describe what i really feel when i look at it. Thank you Linda for your stand-out art.

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Aw simply wonderful work, Linda, such a joy to view!

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Amazing. I am very fascinated by the mysteries of your inner world. I anticipate your book will be a fantastical tour de force rivalling the legends of the ancient Greek Gods with imagery that could inspire major motion pictures. Like an Anne Rice novel, these characters feel immortal. Exceptional achievement.

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Yea, this stunned me on that, er other site. that is just incredibaly real, you should produce a gnomon dvd Wink. on swecond thoughts, i'd rather be left with the mystery of your process, because that is part of the magic, wondering how you did it all, and see less copycats as it is. Congratz on have your OWN poster book. That was such a foreign concept for me not so long ago, is was excited to see it advertised by ballistic, well done linda

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Beautiful work. You have an amazing style that is very inspiring-- makes me want to paint. Love your website, too; there's a lot to learn from there.

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Just superb work as usual ! cant wait for the book.

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Well, if you start disliking such paintings a few days after finishing them, then I should really hate mine a couple of femto-seconds after they are completed ! Smile Another beautiful work, I cannot begin to imagine how you create those soft and deep lights. Very pre-raphaelite, but with some added depth and "magic" feeling about it. Gorgeous.

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This is gorgeous and I bet it would be an awesome book!

Art at its best.