Little Teddy will not die. by beswick

Little Teddy will not die.

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Added: Jun 20, 2001
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Little Girly, eyes so bright,
Scared to death of this sight.
Little Teddy, oh so sweet,
Hiding murder stains under your feet.
Little Girly, hair so fair,
Pooping in your underwear.
Little Teddy, oh so furry,
Sleeping off your blood drenched fury.
Little Girly must not cry,
Little Teddy will not die.
Little Girly won't survive.
Little Teddy is alive.

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If you read the wrting that's scrawled on the wall,the words to that one line aren't exactly the same.I suspect our lovely artist was attempting to make this more 'cild friendly'.
...Not that we care,though.XD

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Everyone! this is no boy, it is a girl. I love the picture. Great Detail in the blood stained writting. Marvelous. On a scale of 1-1, I give you 10+++++

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the pic is great i dont draw much any more after seeing a shrink and some other things try useing unable to excape despair indead of the pooping thing, i like it thou, post a comment on this is u want to talk to me

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This is extermly morbid! Perfect for me! It is so freaky! I love how you drew it! Awesome job!

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This is absolutely diabolical!

...I love it!

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Spooky stuff. The eyes on the boy are great, very expressive.

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Awesome pic (as usual Wink, and chilling poem Laughing out loud, as for the girl, I like her hand but it seems a bit big and her wrist is a bit thick, and her foot is a bit strange too. Otherwise, excellent >:D

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I like this a lot, nice muted colours. I also really like how you did the hand of the boy and teddy's fur. The boy's foot though looks a bit strange to me.

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Woo-hoo! I got the first comment!

I can't believe you wrote 'pooping'. I hate that word! *G* Great picture, though. It has satisfied my need for blood and gore...for the moment.

Art at its best.