Splatterbitch. by beswick


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Added: Jun 27, 2001
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Everyone here loves Socar's art. Everyone with any sense, at least. You can't go wrong, with her cute rats and gorgeous skies. What most people don't know is that she's really a vile, hideous, smelly, slimy, drippy, plague infested, manky, undead fiend, set out to spread necrosis and other nasty things amongst the unsuspecting population of Epilogue.

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great peice. I love pics that are about anything evil looking and this is one of the best undead creatures I have ever seen. great job.

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This has to be the most sickining thing I have ever seen. I LOVE IT!!!

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That is one ungodly looking undead. If the Resident Evil zombie creatures (from the game) had looked half as freakish as this I'm sure the world would have been doomed. This is superb and wondrously creative. Actually... I think I've just been inspired to write. Hm... what does that say about me? Eh... oh well.

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i am just taken away by your style and detail it takes away my breath to see an artist with a dark side who can achieve his goals so well

a thousand thanx

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though its quite disturbing. its beautiful in a since.i love it. it remindes me of the movie "Hollow Man". Anyways ur awesome and i love ur work and sense of humor:)

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Yaikes! This one could make Romero wish for a Cameron budget I figure...
The detail!!! Wonderous work!

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you are a sick disgusting person,i like it,great job

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She is pretty Smile)

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I knew it! She was just hiding behind that pretty picture in her gallery! Hah hah. What can I say, Dan, another hilarious piece. As for that "guest" he definitely lacks a sense of humor (and manners). Rock on.

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Woohoo, nice (de)composition Wink, her face looks genuinely convincing, maybe because it's th only part that is still in one piece. Oh, and I wish studying biology would make me this good, but it doesn't Smile, practise might do the trick though, KUTGW! You rock indeed Smile

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What an amazing painting... What I have found that I enjoy about this painting as well as every work in your gallery is the sense of humor and style that accompanies each one. The all-around experience of viewing such (exquisitely drawn/painted) dark material with such light and humorous commentary and titling is delightful to both the eye and the spirit. To put it simply, Daniel, "You Rock."

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Okay, call me dumb blonde... I thought it was an insult too until I read Socar's response. And then I realised you guys were friends... lol. It is an awesome picture, sure to give me many a visual nightmares, lol. Did you study biology per chance, because it is freakishly realistic looking (apart from the fact that she is walking ofcourse, LOL)I am particularly weirded out (in this case it is a compliment, considering the subject matter and the realism of it) by the breast bit... WOW... anyway, I'll stop babbling and leave it at : AMAZING PIECE OF ART!!

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How come I never saw Socar like that? I am so glad you revealed the truth to me. Good pic

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WOW!, this is disgusting and possibly my fav of yours mate.
Most impressed!.

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I actually rather admire the serene, quiet dignity Dan's given me--zombie or no zombie. Anyone who calls this 'amateur c---' can answer to me. This picture has a strong sense of line and motion, good composition, and nice variation of lighting and colour. It's very professionally done.

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Thanks a bunch!

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The latter, I'm afraid. She loved it, as you can clearly see three comments skyward. Tell me, is it "amature vile crap [sic]" because you think it's poorly executed, or because you don't like the content? If it's the former, please elaborate. I encourage constructive criticism. If you don't like the subject matter, or perhaps lack a sense of humour, that really isn't my problem. If you ever have anything useful to say, be sure to not hide behind anonymity, so that I can offer my thanks. Have a nice day. =)

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Glad you liked it, oh decomposed one. As for hiding the organs... well, not wandering around undressed would be a good start.

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Eh.. perhaps you should reread Daniel's original message and Socar's reply... methinks you'll find a bit more explanation in their words.

Daniel> _Awesome_ detail!

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I can't tell if this shmuck is insulting one of the artists here or that they actually like this amature vile crap!

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Great picture Daniel, by the way how did you get a picture of my ex-girlfriend? (bitter me?).Sick and twisted-love it.

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You revealed my secret agenda, and put up my real picture, too! How am I supposed to hide my crinkly skin and dripping organs, now?

I think this is your best yet, in fact. EXCELLENT work, and it really looks like me, too!

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Oh man, teach me anatomy lessons! Superbly done! Remembers me of the splatter movie "Deep Rising" (Mega-octopus thing infests luxus cruiser, the half-digested victims looked a little bit like this here Laughing out loud )

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Ill just stand and applaud, splendid work! cant wait too see more!

Art at its best.