Minion of Saruman. by beswick

Minion of Saruman.

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Added: Jan 01, 2002
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Lord of the Rings!

Need I say more? No, didn't think so...

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Definitely how an Orc is like. The fangs is amazing and the wet-gloosy eyes and ears too. But do Orcs dress that nicely? I mean yeah they do come from elves but i guess their clothes would be tatters by the end haha.

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wow, how scary *___*
the eyes are fantastic *stares in awe*

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An ORC! and a decent one at that! Infact, it's one of the few out there. Lovely!

bcorbett67's picture

He really comes out at you.

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He looks like a deranged zombie yoda (I always knew that little freak was an orc).
"Judge me by my size do you?" *yoda leaps onto luke and rips out his lungs*
"That'll teach you..."
Wink Nice bulging eyes. Smile

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this is great Smile I love how you've sunken in the face. and the wrinkles look so real. The green glow is great too. How did you do it?

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now that is what an orc SHOULD look like!!! bravo!

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way cool, just love his big cuddly ears.

beswick's picture

Errr... no, I didn't. If I had, they wouldn't be uneven, with wobbly irises. =P

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Very cool. It look s like Gollum!

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Quite a character. I particularly like the detailing and the lighting.

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i want his jacket! and the eyes are fantabulous. so shiny!

Art at its best.