Used Djinni Merchant by jackal

Used Djinni Merchant

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 15, 2002
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Playing around with more styles, trying to merge Art Nouveau with realism and going for a more animated character than usual...somehow I wound up with this sleazy hyena, who would love to sell you a second-hand djinn. One owner from new, and he only used it for light housework. Really. Buy now, and he'll throw in a flying carpet cleaning, absolutely free!

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This would be a great accompaniment to the Golarion game setting by Paizo Publishing. I'd post a link, but their site's down while they move office.
They just finished a six-issue adventure set in the deserts of Katapesh, culminating in a visit to the flaming City of Brass.
That adventure series may be over, but plenty of their customers enjoy that region of their world.
I'd say, if you can draw gnolls (ie hyaena-people) and djinn, you've got a ready-made fanbase!

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He's just wonderful! I get this giddy happy feeling when I look at him.

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He's just wonderful! I get this giddy happy feeling when I look at him.

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New stuff! Cool stuff! I really like this new style, it really catches your eye. The hyenna is superb, it's a real pain to show emotions on an animal's face, but you do it. I hope this character gets developed in the future.

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As a Biologist, I think I admire the pads visible on his hands most. I don't think I have ever seen the palms of a furry drawn before.
Overall, the piece has a lot of detail, which makes is superb. The eyes of the djinn are odd, but then, what do I know of djinni anyway? Wonderful job!

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Great character, wonderful colors and good technic. Only the eyes in the bottle are a little strange!

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I think sleazy is the perfect way to depict a hyena! Love the style and the colors. It's very stylized and doesn't look like everything else. I like the originality of the piece.

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hmm..very interesting concept. Good clean look. Composition is ok, i don't think i would of put the "djinn" forcing to the left of the layout, it is a bit bothersome. in fact im doin an illustration concerning hyena's on vacation. i might post it up on my site when im done.

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the colours, they are bright! (verbosity ahoy)

Art at its best.