Portrait Of The Artist With A Crow In Her Ribcage by jackal

Portrait Of The Artist With A Crow In Her Ribcage

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Added: Oct 08, 2002
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Every now and then I get in this digital collage kind of mood. I didn't actually think this was a particularly dark image--it was almost "portrait of the artist with a ribcage full of snapdragons" but they weren't working out--but friends and family have assured me that it's sort've creepy. Oh, well...

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How did you learn digital art, I try very hard to color my images in Photoshop and just don’t get it. How are you able to get those textures to look right, did you take a class or learn it by trial and error.

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What I think I like about this is the sense of irony it communicates.

Collage can be read as a means of breaking down the realism of a composition by revealing its artistic process and challenging the observer to consider the artist's intentions as an integral part of the art.

This still works here. IMO even more so, because this is a digital composition carefully contructed to mimic collage.

It seems to me like a playful attempt to challenge notions that digital art is not true art.

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Well, Ursula, You made a piece of art that entered in my mind. One of the best art i ever seen. Congratulatios.

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Ah, Ursula. You certanily have outdone yourself this time. You have lovely hair. But what does your face look like?

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This deserves an EP! It's fabulous...the imagery is wonderfully designed and the execution is terriffic as well!!

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yea, it does have this creepy feeling to it. Smile Very nicely done though. I love the mini sketch on top left, and the speratic words everywhere. Nice collage.

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Great image. How collage is actually involved or is it all painted to look like collage?

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I like it alot, its kind of "gothic"/morbid but not creepy or sick. I love the crow is white, thats my chat name Tongue Very cool image and the colors are awesome. Also like the hand text, does it say anything in particular?

Art at its best.