Iceblade by mermalior


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Added: Mar 04, 2002
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Made with blue pencil and acrylics

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Oakmace's picture

love it looks very Celtic and I love the way it looks really embodies it's name

mermalior's picture

Thank you:)

neothera's picture

I feel that I could almost reach out and grasp the handle of this icy blade. Stunning!

isenho's picture

the intricacy of the knotwork is insane! its great man. nicely colored to show the shadow and the highlights

mya's picture

Very impressive detail, it just sucks the eye in when looking at it, and the simple colouring works really well.

mermalior's picture

Thank your comment:) This blade concept is near to me, too...

paiensky's picture

How absolutely beautiful! I was staring at all your blade drawings, and they're all fantastic, but this one captured my attention the most. I've always had a thing for icy-bluish objects. Smile

mermalior's picture

Thank to everybody all inspirating comments:)!

kyri's picture

This is fantastic work! The design and intricate details are great!

ddoved's picture

I really like this one. The knots are amazing and the background rules!
I too work with a mixture of acrylics and colored pencil.... very nice work!

Guest's picture

Kedves László!
Ez csodaszép kép! Ez volt, ami megfogott, és ezután néztem meg a galériádat. Meghökkenve néztem végig a képeket, mégis ez nyerte el leginkább a tetszésemet. Gratulálok!
Tiszteletteljes üdvözlettel:
Csávás Viki (Cicafül)

manualboy's picture

This is fantastic! Your celtic designs are so inventive.

mermalior's picture

Lol. If you'll develope that reality ray, just say me! Smile)))

mermalior's picture

Thank you Anna! I love the weapon designs... I plan a peronal page where I'll put only wds...

blackwidow's picture

If i ever win the lottery I am sooo going to commission you for a seris of 13-20 pieces!! I love the way you make swords!! Then after you draw them I am going to invent a "to reality" ray so I can zap them and make them come to life^_^ Mmmmm Reality Ray.

Guest's picture

Wowza ! Awesome knotwork.Your weapons are the best in Epilogue,I must say.

Guest's picture

Celtic knotwork, perfectly worked into a kickass sword by the master smith Lipták, what could one say more? You have a crisp, graphic and detailed style which fits perfectly for card games, giving everything this powerful and dignified touch. Pics like 'Gift of Urgod'or 'Anonymus' show that you`re well capable of other things than just 'precious card game items', yet held in the same unique style. I usually don`t like to see someone doing just one style since variety is mostly more interesting, but if it`s well done then I can`t say anything. Your gallery has professional content, and the pics -are- well done indeed!

baylessiii's picture

What a neat idea to do a portrait of the weapon! Your line work is so beautiful and precise, and the color is as cold as the blade! Great work!

megaflow's picture

Your command of detail is amazing. And as Mark said, the single-color rendering is very well done and effective . The ability to keep all those details straight must be the mark of a singular mind.

jeshannon's picture

I agree, the design is fantastic, wish i could use pencils as good as you..

lockett's picture

Great design-as we've come to expect from you Liptak. Excellent rendering too, the use of just one colour is very effective here. The sword hilt itself is mindboggling, but the background is also impressive. Top quality.

Guest's picture

Gyönyörü kép!!

Art at its best.