Tarot Card back by mermalior

Tarot Card back

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 08, 2003
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for Ken's Epilogue Tarot Project

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mermalior's picture

Thank you Dominique!

Guest's picture

That is mind-boggingly impressive. Much respect from near-sighted little me.

mermalior's picture

Thank you Johannes...

Guest's picture

Good to see some of this stuff on Epilogue as well ! I love it.

mermalior's picture

Thank you Scott, your works are fantastic, mAster Smile

blobsticks's picture

AAaahh, I love your designs, beautiful work all round IMO, mister Smile

mermalior's picture

Thanx! A. Mucha and the Art Nouveau is very inspirating:)

bcorbett67's picture

Phew! The detail and design are just breathtaking!

mermalior's picture

Thank you! I think it is about 40cm x 20cm...

toeknuckles's picture

that's really impressive, especially since it's in acrylic. what size is the original?

mermalior's picture

Thanks! I hope you'll share your version with me!

twopynts's picture

Can you say obsessive compulsive? Just kidding. ;^) This, like all your work, is great. I am designing the back of a tarot card deck so I find this to be useful referrence as to what other people are doing. Thanks for sharing.

mermalior's picture

Köszi:) Thanks:)

pagan's picture

vagány minta!, keep it up, and you´ll will be visited by me....very often..

mermalior's picture

Thanks Stephen! Nowaday I work on a fantasy book. With full of ornaments:) So I have to dive in the details...

draeger's picture

You are indeed a detail maniac Merm Smile The thought of doing that with acrylics gives me the shivers, but it looks fantastic. My eye gets sucked down into the centre...

thrax-1's picture

thats incredibly detailed.i look forwed to seeing these cards.hopefully they come to fruition Laughing out loud

mermalior's picture

Thank your comments Chris!! I'm happy you like my Tarot cards...

mermalior's picture

I love the ornamental motives, so it was pleasure to make:)

mermalior's picture

Thank you Ken:)) I'm working some new AN pics, so come back to see them:))

christar's picture

Damn good work.

Guest's picture

Acrylic? You must have rock steady hands and the patience of a saint! Very beautiful, Liptak.

jenniedahlen's picture

Can't believe I had missed the card back... Now I know who stole all my patience Wink
Beautiful details! It looks great!!!

mccracken's picture

This is such a heavy tight design, I just love it. Total wild nouveau - I hope we can get this published.

Art at its best.