Linda Bergkvist by mermalior

Linda Bergkvist

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 30, 2003
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Faces. Or masks? People are different. Life is polarity. There is Steph Law on one side, and Linda on the other. I have to confess: they both inspire, only for different reasons... Anyway this is ONLY a picture. And I hope you like it! --- You can find the photo reference here:

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Thank You

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the eyes of a man it looks like

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Thank you Steve. You know, I'm your fan Wink

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this is just beautiful man!!!!

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Thank your nice comment. Let me tell you the truth, my page is not ready, but I'd be happy if you'd tell your opinion about it.
My gallery

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I've been through your whole gallery and wow. I'm humbled for the nice comment on my piece. Your penmenship is exquisite and smooth.The flow in your technique is captured in the movement in her hair.... beautiful.
I'll have to go to you webpage,
Take care

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Thank you, I like eyes very much

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That is interesting it's the disposition readable in her eyes...Very expressive!I rarely meet an artist who can pass his emotions in character's eyes!

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Thank your comment Jeff! I visited your gallery many times, you have wonderful pictures. I'm glad you like this simple portrait!

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i met a pool player once who told me he could peg a player's capabilities better than the player. i can't claim that skill, but i have no fear assessing you as a strong player;) there isn't a part of this drawing that doesn't belong, and that is tough to do. nice.

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Hey Chris! Thank you, I'm a fan of your art, you have great acrylic pics!

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a melding of faces;a melding of personality;i see something very dangerous lurking beneath those haunting eyes;u never have a problem conveying personality; thats a huge gift ; one i wish i had

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Thank you Jennifer! Your whole gallery is great.

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I really love your pencil work, I hope you update your gallery some time in the future! I have looked at every picture and it is not enough to satisfy, lol. Awesome stuff!

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Thank you very much JP! Show me more handsome guy than I:) And I have no selfportrait pic either:)

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Great drawing Liptak! but seem you only draw the female members of epilogue..he he what bout the handsome fellas we have here..he he kidding ofcourse!

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Thank you Annelie...

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I really like the soft movement you create in your work - its quiet, but poverfull. One day, I gonna be that strong with pencils *smilez*

Very atmospheric. I like it very much

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Thank your comment James! Wink

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Oh, I say! your pencil work is quite masterfull, Liptak! such an intense gaze, it took me a few minutes to drag myself away to make this comment! such excellance!

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*wolf whistles* Lucky Linda....!

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I'm glad you like this portrait, Rochelle. I tried to make something unique element with her wave-like hair and perhaps with the face-paintings beside the realistic parts. I think a realistic portrait in itself is not too special.

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Woah, that is awesome! I love the detail on her face - you have really brought this one to life, and still with all your trademark touches.

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Thank you Veronica! Wink

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Beautiful line work, the shading is so delicate and emotive.

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What do you mean on "ugly"?

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Good pencil of ugly woman

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Thank you Chris! Your art always impress me, you are a master of the pencil pics! I'm glad you like this picture...

Art at its best.