Elnore's thistle by mermalior

Elnore's thistle

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Added: Apr 25, 2005
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She is Nynaeve (a main character from Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time serie). I used only pencils...

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Thank You Forest

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Yes, I used some mirroring effect on this pic.

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I must ask: Did you create one 'tubular' shape (the one in each "petal")and then cut-and-paste and rotate them to fit?

I only ask because each is so perfectly like the other and to do so in three or four hours seems to be quite a feat!

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Beautiful drawing! Love the hair particularly...

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brilliant as ever! glad to see some new work from you again Liptak Smile

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Thank you Tom, I like your portraits, too Wink They are also very detailed and well designed. Thank your visit...

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Thank you very much Jana, it is a honour, because you are an expert of ornamental things. I like your art...

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Hello Liptak, I really like your character concept and the extremely interesting design work, facial marking are excellent(very convincing)..cool work pal...

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Wow! you have to have great patience and of course all that details and wanderful. I like the way so do decoration, I also like Alfons Mucha, so your art is very close to me. Most of people turn only to celtic patterns, but this has really eastern influence. Great work Smile

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Hi Jeff! Thank your comment. I like very much your work, I have some bookmark at your gallery. Your "where one wood ends..." is one of my favourites in Epilogue.

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Thank you Terry! I like Klimt, he has many wonderful and complex artwork. It's an amazing way that's how he made art nouveau.

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liptak! i haven't visited your gallery lately and i am glad i stopped by. just perfect execution. my favorite jordan character too. very compelling. she's twisted that braid of hers full around. must have become impatient waiting for you to finish;)

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This is wonderful Lipták,as all your portraits.....I love the way you wrap her hair around her neck and the Islamic pattern shows amazing skill dedication and patience. If you want to take this futher look to Gustav Klimt...I say that because I see that you share the same path, and that is a deep understaning of woman...it`s taken me a life time to really appreciate them for what they are...

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Thank your kind words Nicole.

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exquisite, the pure talent behind pencil surpasses all others.. i tip my hat to you

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Thank your compliments!

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Thank you Ken Wink

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Hi Lindy! The background pattern was about 3-4 hours. My eyes are aching:)

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Thanx Rita

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Thank you Dan! This kind of knotwork is something new for me. I studied the eastern patterns. Here is the result (what is a little islamic).

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Hi Tony! I use paper-pencils to blur the shades.
It makes the pencil works more realistic. Thank you!


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I'm glad you like it. I posted this pic to Wotmania, you can find many interesting and good Wheel of Time character adaptation there. Thank you!

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Fantastic knotwork Liptak, Jeeez thats a lot of work. I Liked Nyneave's character. I think i shall reference this image for her looks, when i get back into reading the series ;D. Exceptional work alround liptak

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Very impressive! Wonderful realism! I especially like the way her hair is wound around her neck, not to mention it looks so soft and lifelike!

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Really nice. The subtle modeling of the face is great, the discipline of the knotwork is impressive, and everything's really nicely integrated.

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One of my fav characters Smile well done

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Wow, I wonder how long it took you to do that background. It pays off though, fantastic!

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ouch, just looking at that knotwork makes my fingers hurt!

Great job!

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She is beautiful, the face looks very lively like it is about to move. The texture of her hair is very realistic. The knotwork behind her is gorgeous. The precision of your work is incredible and I truely appreciate that you used pencil and did this by hand and not by cut-n-paste digital methods. Sometimes I laugh when people go on about a person's techniques using digital because it is nothing more than having a computer do the hard work for you.

Art at its best.