the good sister by kuk

the good sister

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Added: Mar 24, 2005
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I did this piece to go along with the bone lady and the other sister,thier might be another one coming as soon as I figure it out. and as for the lion with wings thats behind her, I couldn't find the name of the creature, but he's like azland from the lion the witch and the wardrobe

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That beast is a FLION...Manticores have Human faces,scorpion tai tails,and bat type wings...Otherwise AWESOME Piece..and a traditional medium too.YAY!!!! L.

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I thought this piece was very acceptional. I looked at a lot of others, but this one just sort of caught my eye. Very good! Keep it up

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Thanks for the comments, and I'm not sure what you would call a lion with wings but I was told it waqs a Manticore, I think I remember seeing something simuliar from statues from anciant Baboylon

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actually a manticore would have membranous wings and a scorpion's tail...but then, it's fantasy and it's call it what you want Wink beautiful work in any case

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thanks for letting know it was driveing me nuts

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Art at its best.