learning to fly by caitmf1

learning to fly

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Added: Jun 15, 2001
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father tempting his son to take a leap of face, worms, yummy.

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I like the theme as well as the painting itself, You make dragons look like they should detailed,a little dangerous but wise all the same.It gives them a sense of depth that the maneaters nor the puppies (nice way of putting it, Epilogue Guest) have. Either way I hope you paint more like these.

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Too sweet...*melts* A very nice theme! (and I think it's "leap of faith")

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hehe, I didn´t notice the worm right away! it made it even cuter! the baby dragon.. awwww... *I´m such a girl..*

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That´s cute! You normaly don´t get to see dragons like this... usually they either look sort of like puppies or like they´re about to eat someone...
The idea with the worm is nice ^___^...
But are your sure he can fly with those little wings of his? I sure hope so...

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One of my favorites of yours! Laughing out loud The way you captured such a dangerous creature as a dragon in such a caring way is wonderful!

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cheers tiina, im thinkingo f what prints to make into posters, and this one might be one as someone told me this would be popular.

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laziness is no excuse.p.

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My, if that isnt cute! Its so detailed and even the background is so beautiful (I am much to lazy to do detailed backgrounds myself ^^°)

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oo, i hoep my new work is beter. these oldpics are detailed but kind of lack colour theory.

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This really is something! I just love the look on the baby dragon's face as it's being shown the "ropes". Very beautiful painting, indeed!

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This is your best yet, Christiaan which is saying something! The design here is excellent, very simple yet still full of detail.

Art at its best.