the demon who loved a geisha by caitmf1

the demon who loved a geisha

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Added: Feb 16, 2002
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legend has it that a maurading demon fell in loev with a local geisha girl, he told the girl that unless she marry him he would destroy her whole village. So one night she went up to his mountain and whilst he had her in a embrace she slashed his throat with a hidden knife. He died but slayed her before he met his death.

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this pianting got my attention this pianter who maccce this a very goon artist

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I love the pattern and colors of her kimono especially ...
pretty grizly story btw...

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Yah.. web browser stumble upon this lovely site.
The legend also reminds me of Hades and Peresphone in Greek Myth. Smile
i donno what to say what you haven't heard it's beautiful, or u kno.. i like the blade for seom reason. Smile

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You are bored of your paintings? I dont know what amazes me more, this awesome painting or what you replied to the previous commenter O_O That dress..those hands.. that demon..and those colors! I love it all.. but hey, if your bored.. wanna trade skills? lol..O.o; (altho i would if i could)

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Hi again Iken! You said my draw was good, I say your draw is AMAZING... I love that, from the Girl to Demon and this colors are realy well done!
Congratulations and sorry for my bad english!! Bye

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I can really feel the emotion in this picture. I can see her thoughts in her expression!

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"er thanku, ya wish i could paint in a different style, am so bored of my paintings."

I really do love your sense of color, and am sorry to hear that you're bored with your paintings. Perhaps you should experiment with different media until you find something that excites you again?
I know I'd certainly love to see more.

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You can definately see a Royo influence in your work. I like it very much!! This piece especially reminds me of one of his. The whole beauty and the beast's amazing!!!!

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For the last one and a half hour I have just been going trough your stuff and I am amazed. You are so exceptionally skilled that I have no words strong enough to describe it. If there would have been words to describe your fantastic art I would have commented on every single piece. Just thought you should know. =)

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cheers, the problem with this is is it doesnt make a good print ccause thers too much black in it.

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id say fantasy, but someone pointed out itsn ot really fantasy either, so i dont konw,,i love japanese culture but call it whatever u want to.

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er thanku, ya wish i could paint in a different style, am so bored of my paintings.

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Beauty contrasting against horror, like light against shadow - very nice concept and execution. The detail is brilliant!

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I love this painting, its different from the rest, its not Sci-Fi nor Fantasy, what genre would you put it in?
I love the colours and the attention to detail within the Geisha's dress! Fantastic!!

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I like this painting, its different from the rest, its not Sci Fi, nor Fantasy... What genre would you put it in? I love the colours and attention to deatil within the dress of the Geisha

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This painting is amazing, i have never seen anything like this before in my life. Your ideas are all very different, but still alll your paintings are lapped with your unique style! I am very much impressed with your work! Keep it up

Art at its best.