seat of power by caitmf1

seat of power

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Added: Jan 31, 2004
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Another painting done for Lucid Raven Productions upcomming game Allegiance War of factions. This painting depicts a senator writting out a order, the cities symbology is mainly represented by a eagle so i added this in as many places as possible.

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rita's picture

Christiaan, what a gorgeous painting. Hah, I wouldnt use a ruler - except I try to do something architectal. But hey, most important in your painting is the senator. I especially like light & shadow in this painting. Very well done!

caitmf1's picture

cheers bill;dont konw if my style is that original except for the fact i draw funny looking women; thanks

bcorbett67's picture

Hi Christiaan, personally I like the way you do things, you have a very original style - I wouldn't change a thing. Excellent picture by the way, and good luck in the competition (with your other post today).

caitmf1's picture

thanks steve; nice to see you drop by here;i do agree to a degree with the comment above; but im learning or trying to learn about other things in illustration and hopefully one day ill get all the aspects more or less evened out; i lack patience in a painting; i thinkn if a painting goes over five days i get annoyed by it;it must be nice as it is for you to complete a painting and not actually have made a mistake in any area; that is how accomplished i think you are; but for mere mortals like me;;i strive to lessen mine:tanks for the comment

caitmf1's picture

hi there; i blame the stone mason; ok no serously; i did use a ruler to draw the scene; but im not the worlds most patient person; thats not an excuse; but i paint very quickly ; this painting took two days to paint;and theres a reason im painting so quickly; but yes i see ur point that the lines could be straighter; my only defense really is that the card it wil be printed on will only be about a three cm wide: but thanks for the comment;if i had taken more time i proably could have done straigher lines but im trying to really work on colour and lighting and how that all works in a image

sferris's picture

No . Don't agree with prior post.
First Off...Great job Chris!
Second to the anon guest.
Keep crits private!!!!!

Excellent show Christian!

Guest's picture

First off, I think your art is great, really, no sarcasm. The colors are varied and rich, the details are incredible, the compositions solid, the settings original etc.
But why don't you use a ruler!?! I know you are probably a very busy man, and perhaps like to draw and paint everything freehand because, possibly you don't have time to fool with all those anal retentive little straight lines, but it stands to reason that if you are going to put this much effort into a painting, you could at least use a ruler to get those lines straight. You are a perfectionest with almost every other aspect of painting but that.
The only other possible reason that I can think of, as to why you don't use rulers, is perhaps the imperfections created by not using a ruler, adds to the humaness, and originality of your works, in which case, ignore this question. Have a nice day. Smile

Art at its best.