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new life

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Added: Jan 31, 2004
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This painting was done for the epilogue rejuvination contest but im not sure how you upload it. I thought that the simplest idea for rejuvination was to have death and rebirth in the same painting. Death is shown by the large cathedral in the background which has two demonic statues guarding the entrance to the house of judgement and you have renewal played out by the birds being made out of rose petals. This is a large painting and I will upload details of it if anyone is interested.

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i think ur peice was one of the most beautiful peices done for the contest james; well done on getting so far as well

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Congrats on your work being chosen one of the top Renewal entries. Nice sense of time and place in this one. Great work!

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heya congratz on getting the honourable mention in the contest,thats great work there. cya~Marley

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thanks jessica; ive never won a art competition in my life so hey;; but thanks

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theres really not much more to see of interest; its a bad photoshop collage though i might make a new one:thanks for the interest though

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Ok, remind me again why the rest of us are bothering to enter this contest??? This is amazing, I'm speechless!!! This is epic in the best sense of the word. Smile

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This is amazing! I like the details you posted but I'd still like to see more

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hi liptak; thanks; was a pain in the ;;; to do though cause it was two and a half times my normal scale

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hi saad; ill put details up today;

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cheers jeff; im glad u saw the little demonic statues and the angelic one;

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i think the marble th ing does abit; my girlfriend is a archaeologist and she said that emperors would have killed for a large peice of marble that size; so that part is jut fantasy;

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thanks; i will upload a version of some of the details because this is a large painting and you miss alot of the action: thanks for the compliment;s its strange how a painting takes so long and u only need to glance at it for a few seconds ; which is a real shame alot of the time

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cheers liptak; i promise to pay everyone a visit but im painting like twelve hours a day and my girlfrien is hogging the computer doing college work;

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hey miss kleson;; heheh thanks for the comments; ya a year away from art kind of gets ya itching to do some more;unfortunately the need for a new job calls; thanks ; really appreciate that you call yourself a fan; hahah ya right; anyways thanks

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FBEEPin Hell ! The heck did you improve ! lol *dances and jumps with joy* Don't take it wrong, ok ? I've always been a fan *you know it* but this is like.. wow ! Smile))) I wish the Cathedral Notre Dame was as cool as that Laughing out loud.

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Hey Chris! It's cool! Wink

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Beautiful painting Christiaan, I'd really love to see the details Smile

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wow, ambitious work christiaan! i like the symbolism. good luck with the contest!

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Incredible scene Christiaan, I love the atmosphere here, I could stare at this for quite a while without getting bored, love it !

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wow utterly breathtaking view! i adore it Smile

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Reminds of Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings movies, really brilliant picture.

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thanks alot;im goibng to upload a enlarged version soon because there is alot of detail here you just cant see:im curious about this competition too;;i have a feeling there is goibng to be alot of competition

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Beautiful work. I think you have an excellent chance of winning IMHO.

Art at its best.