The muddle headed wombat by caitmf1

The muddle headed wombat

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Added: Feb 10, 2004
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This is a painting I did of a childhood favourite australian book by author Ruth Parks.The story revolves around three friends, a wombat, a mouse and a cat who roam around australia in a caravan. I lived in australia for four years and it was quite a popular book there but no one I know has ever heard of it.

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rita's picture

Oh my, this is soo charming!

caitmf1's picture

cheers dan; specially from someone who is so good at portraying landscapes; alien as they maybe;hardest part of this one was the wombat cause he just and still doesnt really feel like a wombat to me

harding's picture

Man, this is amazing! The shadows, the reflection on the water...Great,great work!

caitmf1's picture

wombats are just the cutest creatures ever; though trying to get a likeness on a wombat is harder than a cat because i see cats more in my daily life than wombats;

Guest's picture

Wombat lover that I am, I couldn't pass this up without saying "Cool!"

caitmf1's picture

cheers liptak; i gave th is paitning to my gf ;she was very pleased

caitmf1's picture

thats a really nice compliement; thanks alot; i lived in australia for four years and i know it looks differnt than europe or america; and i was very aware to try and make it look like the outback and not some tropical rain forest since it is an australian childrens book:

caitmf1's picture

thanks jenny; the thing i love most about painting apart from design is colour; i didnt understand; and i still dont fully understand how colour works in a illustrtion but i know that it is a paintings strongest ingredient if used correctly

caitmf1's picture

cheers bill; thats very nice; ive done a lord of the rings related book cover last year; and a few lord of the rings inserts; and tonnes of roll playing material; and a few childrens illustrations; but hvae along way to go before i can make a living of it

caitmf1's picture

cheers uwe;ya they were a pain to do; came out kind of strange but hey;

caitmf1's picture

thanks stan; it was weird to give these creatures anthropamorphic qualities because thats something im not used to; i like the cat too because im not so sure if the wombat looks like a wombat;

caitmf1's picture

thanks rebecca, the hardest part was to put them in a australian landscape; in the sense that the trees there are slightly different; the sky is abit different;etc but i had alot of fun with this too

mermalior's picture

Great job with lights and shadows. Really nice pic Chris!

Guest's picture

Oh, lovely! Very Australian (except for the cat and mouse, of course!) - I've seen other non-Aussies attempt to paint Australian scenes and it just looks...wrong. But your approach is masterful, you've really captured the ambience. The light is right and everything! I love the cat's dainty posture, as well.

goldseven's picture

Wow, you really create a wonderful atmosphere with these colours. So vibrant, and Ilove the way they "organize" the pic!

bcorbett67's picture

Christiaan you should be doing book covers (if you aren't already), lovely piece of work.

j-art's picture

wonderful - i especially love the shadows of the trees on the door and the wall - great playing with light and shadow -

swisnie's picture

Christiaan, great acrylic. I agree with Rebecca, the light and shadows are superb. Also, nice draftsmanship on giving the animals some human qualities. I especially admire the cat.

goddessart's picture

This is just adorable...I love the scenery and all the light and shadow play.

Art at its best.