temple by caitmf1


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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 16, 2004
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A painting for Lucid Raven Production:

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thanks uwe; ya ivebeen busy but now ive got time to do stuff for myself and im currently working on a childrens book with my girlfriend which looks like fun

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omg - seems i missed lots of work from you the last days? - or weeks Shock - damn i work too much, got to less time to do some walks through epilogue - i really should change that Wink - ok now to your fabulous piece here - what i like the most in this piece is the architecture and all the backgrounddetail - also i think you did a great job with the figures - all in all a really fabulous piece!!!!!!

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one hour = one sec huh; p; thanks dan ; for some reason the original painting looks alot beter than the scanned one since all the gold work is abit wonky when scanned and looks alot beter and more three d in real life; but its not really detailed; my failing always comes down to anatomy; which i had alot of trouble with because i had to fix it up after i had finshed her body; so thats what took long; not the background detailing;

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hehehe; tasteful huh; i tink this is the most sleezy paintng i have ever done but thats me; im reserved when it comes to girls with big appendages;theres actually a sad story about that; her breasts werent quite so big but when i finished the painting her head wasnt really resting into her body so i had to enlarge her breasts to make the pose more beleivable; if thats possible;the believable part; but thanks for commenting; thought this was just too sleezy for anyone to comment to; i love your anatomy in your works btw

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Hey Christiaan, Awesome work! The amount of detail you put in your art is mind boggling! I could stare for hours.

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I woulda commented sooner,But i have some problems trying to load images(up to a 3 minute wait sometimes).anyways This is very tastefully painted.Has a very rich colour palette,i'm quite drawn to the ocre'y yellows.Fantastic detailing for the architecture which i

Art at its best.