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Added: Mar 16, 2004
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This is a painting for a childrens book idea i was working on:

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thanks guest, most of the time i want to have someone elses style so its nice to hear that mine is appreciated

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thanks jessey; greatly appreciated

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thanks marley, as a joke i said to my girlfriend this is a renaisance painting for kids, stylistically.

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uve, im a big fan of ur art, especially how u draw women, er;; thanks for the billion of comments;p

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heheh woudlnt it be nice if all artists got payed for their troubles,i think my buildings would fall down cause theyd be crooked

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thanks christopher;thats nice of u to say that, i agree most of my presonal work is beter than comissioned work

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thanks dean, the statues not as worked out as i would have liked but o well, thanks for visiting so much dean

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thanks terry, good to see u pop in here every now and than. i love the recent works uve added to ur gallery

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thank u guest

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Wow, you do wonderful work!

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The detail alone is breath-taking. This is a wonderful peice.

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that is wonderfull work christiaan!.the whole perspective is quite amazing and unique to say the least.just love that statue in the fountain and the water dragon!.great work :)/

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christiaan --- your mind must be a really wonderful place!!!! - thanks for your art and thanks for being you...

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You know I think it would be cool if artists like you could be given a trillion dollars to go through, and re-design, all of America's crappy run down neighborhoods and transform them into these awesome, utopian worlds imagine.
I can see it now, a world where technology and nature blend harmoniously.

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Really fascinating Architecture.
Your personal works are amazing.

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Great composition on this. You did a pretty good job of rendering the water dragon, too. I really like the statue in the background a lot.

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Great imagination and execution...Chris!

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thanks rebecca; ive given up on this book idea but im doing a childrens book for seven year olds now which i hope gets out there one day

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thanks; most of my books get finished but not published because i love painting but i such at self promotion

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illutration for children so its not techncnically that compex or correct but more fun i th ink

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thanks scott; i was interested in telling a story to some children with a statue showing good vs evil in the background; technically not brilliant but i was trying to make a

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thanks jason; i did some paintings for a more childish audience earlier this year and now im writting a children book for children aged around seven so it will be even looser and

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This is wonderful! I'd love to have the book if you ever finalize one. Your work is wonderful.

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That's really really good. I love the way the children are sitting...It's all very magical...I'd love reading your book Smile

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Very well done, and a very interesting concept.

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Cool idea, great execution. It has alot of appeal to it.

Art at its best.