toad in the road by caitmf1

toad in the road

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Added: Mar 16, 2004
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A illustration from one of my favourite childrens book Wind in the willows. This is the scene where mr toad is run of the road by a motor car.

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thejeff's picture

this is an exceptional effort christiaan. really tells the story quite clearly. sheesh, your productivity is embarrassing!

caitmf1's picture

abit like me than:)

caitmf1's picture

thanks; if thats you mark; thanks alot; i think the most dangerous thing for an artist is to get stale

caitmf1's picture

hehehhe; thats cute, kids got to love em, my answer; simple things please young minds. say hi to her uwe

caitmf1's picture

hey thats really nice of you to say christopher, i just love toad; one of the best characters in childrens lit

caitmf1's picture

cheers dean; was trying to go for a more , o my god cool car expression,wind in the willows is a work of genius i th

Guest's picture

Hahahaha........fantastic whimsy!

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Hey Chris,

Some of the new work is stunning. I've been looking at it all evening. Really impressed with it, then again, I've been impressed with all your work! I like the different styles and themese that you have been adopting lately.

j-art's picture

Smile - this is so cute, soo well done - you can´t know how much i enjoy looking at your art - thanks for doing it!!!! oh, i forgot - a very special thanks from my daugther - she loves that piece - (i´m still a little confused, cause she asked me - why can´t you do so beautiful pictures, dad? - i´m still searching for the answer??? Shock - lol - )

christar's picture

All the hard work and dedication you have put into your art over the years, has really paid off in this one.
Great color, composition, and lighting.
The frog's expression is Golden. Smile

sdeanbloom's picture

I just adore the expression on Mr. Toad's face. Such indignation! The rest of the painting is lovely as well. I caught right away it was a scene from Wind in the Willows.

caitmf1's picture

thanks rebecca; im uch prefer my first wind in the willows painting because it was at night with much stronger lighting but appreciate the comments for this pic

caitmf1's picture

thanks john; nice chatting to ya last night

caitmf1's picture

away from the main characters

caitmf1's picture

thanks kara; i like that you said some parts stand out and others dont; dont konw if thats a good t hing but i do with childrens illustration anyways try not to take attention

caitmf1's picture

thanks scott; was just trying to get the feeling of a nice summers day in the country side;wasnt detailed just wanted to go for content

caitmf1's picture

thats a great compliment comming from a artist of ur calibre stan;this one was fun to do ; heck all wind in the willows pics are fun to do

caitmf1's picture

hey judy; i konw what u mean; i think whta i did is make the road very small; and exagerated toads size; its wonky but funny looking i hope

goddessart's picture

Simply wonderful - delightful!

jeshannon's picture

Stunning beautiful work as always Chris.

Guest's picture

Wow, I really love this picture. The overall perspective of it makes it very interesting. I love how some parts of the picture look very two dimensional while not all of it is that way. I also love the use of color. Makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves... Why? I don't know. Good work!

sdavis123061's picture

I like everything about this piece, but your direct as well as subtle use of light and shadow really stand out here Christiaan. The lighting on all the colors and textures looks very natural and real. Most impressive.

swisnie's picture

Christiaan, great illustration. Excellent use of full colors. The lighting, molding and composition are extremely well done! Yours is one of the names I look for when new thumbnails come out.

gecky's picture

Haha, I love that story too. I remember toad used to annoy me so much, and badger just plain old scared me... oh well, excellent painting. Only crit is Mr. Toad seems to be sitting on a different plane than the road... something is very weird about the perspective on his legs.

Art at its best.