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wyrmfed commented on Kraken_2:

Awesome. Mixed?

player1 commented on Mercy Seat:


Guest commented on Pampas:


snack commented on Battle Commence:

I really liked this image.

Verba commented on Lady Siniy:

I love the lacy texture of her sleeves and collar and her hair and face have that coiffed "George Washington" colonial look .

bitblox commented on Survivor:

I love this, Can I use this artwork as a concept image to create a 3D character from?

(I'm going to for personal use. but I just wanted to see what thoughts were about this)

svck commented on samurai spirit:

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sfontain097 commented on Count:

I love how you're like, eight lines away from it practically being an 1800's etching, love that style!

sfontain097 commented on Bloodbones:

Reminds me of the Alestorm cover art for Captain Morgan's Revenge. Also I think Adrian von ziegler used this as the background image of his epic instrumental "Wolves of the Sea" except with an orange filter over it. If this...

rianna commented on Autumn:

Extraordinary detail and beauty.

Art at its best.