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Smite is currently cross-play enabled for everything but PS4

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Back in January, Hi-Rez Studios released Smite on Switch, but it wasn't entirely free to play. Just like Paladins, Hi-Rez dropped it on the system in a kind of beta form, allowing players to pay for the Founder Package (which basically allows access to all content, leaving cosmetics as micro transactions). Now, you can go to the eShop and download it for free without having to pay a premium: "Ultimate God Package" is still an option if you want all 100 Gods (characters) and future Gods.

Given that Smite is a free game title, Nintendo Switch users may be disappointed by Hi-Rez's decision to package the game with some "premium" items just to be able to put a price tag on it. But patience is the key here, because publishers might do something similar to the release of Switch Paladins. Even though the game has paid for initial access, this game is available as a non-play title later.

The other big news is cross platform games with PC and Xbox, and cross-development support between the three platforms - Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. Smite is also available on the PlayStation 4 but it is not surprising that Sony consoles are not here considering their position on the subject. Simple activated across platforms, meaning you can play with and fight people on other platforms. This is also supported cross-platform as long as you can start playing on the Switch and use anything and everything you have unlocked on your PC or on the Xbox One.

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