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Aaron Bentley

United Kingdom
kingston upon thames, SRY
United Kingdom

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As far back as I can remember I have drawn...winning my first prize at the age of 3 at a London street party competition...shortly followed by a brief moment on Tony harts GALLERY section on TV when I was 6...which created attention that I never really understood as it wasn't that bigger deal to me...it was just something that kept me quiet and out of mischief for a short time.
I was enchouraged to develope my gift by my nan...who was an artist herself...and her paintings still sell now even though she's no longer with us...so I guess every piece of work I produce has a little bit of her embroided into it.
My style of work has always been diverse... I draw and paint my collections based on impulse...whatever it may be...I just follow it and let it take me on a journey.

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