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I started to be interested in how I drew things at the age of 7 but became more interested in the sciences at age 14 & tried to leave the drawing behind. Aborted my A-levels and embarked on an artistic journey through a 2 year Foundation Course & 3 year Degree course in Graphic Design. Whilst at Art School I did a lot of experimenting with Photography & took that up as a career upon graduation. With the demise of chemical processing I migrated into craft/model-making and with the demise of that as a viable source of income and my health I went back to drawing.
Being the daydreaming type the Esoteric and Occult have fascinated me since I was 20 and most of my drawings reference to this.
I don't subscribe to the prevalent attitude to Art which dictates it be either a commodity or fiscal investment preferring the views expressed by Gurdjieff in Beelzibub's Tales to his Grandson that Art (in it's true state) is subject to and conveying of, the law of 7. Where it's sole purpose is to hold ancient knowledge for future generations if those future generations still have the sensory ability to decode it. Encryption for liberation rather than the current intellectual encryption to maintain status, exclusion and ultimately extract profit.

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