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My parents who are both tallented watercolourists, although their enthusiasm has lulled in recent years.
My art teachers, one of whom persuaded me to take art at GCSE, a vital step in my development.
My good friend Emily Carding who has provided endless encouragement as well as stunning me with an array of wonderful art herself.
William Blake and Brian Froud, my favourate artists and the kind of quality I aspire to. My favourate authours, especially Tamora Pierce, Charles De Lint, Terry Brookes and Margaret Weis. Their stories have provided me with the endless joy and have led me into the fantasy genre with its limitless possibilities.
There are also many artists I have stumbled across who have made me think 'mm, I must try that.' They deserve to be mentioned collectively even though they are too numerous to be mentioned individually.
I must also credit my Muse who has been consistantly demanding. It is standing in the background now and would like to take all the credit, but I shall not allow it (ah, that's wiped the smile off its face).

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