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The life of the sculptor BRUCE (Bruce de Jaham), born in 1963 is divided between his workshop “Petite Grenade” in Martinique FWI and his workshop in “Seine Saint Denis” in Paris Area. This character epic live his childhood and adolescence between Martinique FWI (his natal), New York and “Bourguignonne” countryside.

Self-taught, BRUCE (Bruce de Jaham) started working at 17 years after the death of his father. Opposed to all form of codified studies, he acquired his training in metallurgical plants and construction workshop at last to approach the metal sculpture.

He won his creative freedom as his work as an artist gives form to his phantasmagoria revealing a fresh look at “METALLIK ART”.

He triggers a real “liberation aesthetics” of the metal, using recycled materials.

For BRUCE (Bruce de Jaham), inspiration springs from instinctive spontaneity between gesture and material which allow it to sculpt the metal giving it a second life and infusing it “soul” to become powerful creations curves

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