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David Lee Ingersoll

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United States

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My influences start with my front yard and all the plants and critters living in it. Add in the people that I meet and see every day. Strain those observations through filters of Dr. Suess, Maurice Sendak and Bill Peet and then get as diverse as Richard Corben, John Romita(Sr. & Jr.), Norman Rockwell, Michael Whelan, Wayne D. Barlowe, Moebius, Bilal, Miyazaki and Herge. Just about every artist whose work I've seen or author whose work I've read inspires my creative process in some way. Much of the time the inspiration is a way to create a better illustration, sometimes I'm just reminded of what sort of work I don't want to do Wink.

I am available for commissions. Please contact me at davidlee.ingersoll@gmail.com

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